Water water everywhere in February…

But not a drop to drink in May/June in parts of ‘Your Waverley!


Remember this in Cranleigh?

And this in Godalming?


Now there’s not a drop to drink unless of course its comes in a bottle in parts of the Waverley borough including Cranleigh, Haslemere. Other areas are suffering from either no water at all – including Winterfold in Cranleigh which has been without water off an on for weeks and other villages where the water pressure is low or non-existent.

So who steps in to bring Thames Water to heel?

‘Your Waverley’s Executive’ Committee.Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 19.09.24.

Before Thames Water explains why it is running out of water – let’s just recap on the wettest February and heaviest rainfall since records began. Remember BC – Before COVID – when the poor souls in Pontypridd in South Wales, the inhabitants of the Lake District, and even homes in our borough wallowed in floodwater?
Now Thames Water is blaming Covid-19 for the shortfall, because we are all working from, home flushing our toilets, and making too many cups of tea!
With the recent warm weather, and since being able to meet at a safe distance in our gardens – our Waverley Web bubble mates tell us they are asking everyone to pee on their compost heaps because it helps the compost to rot down quicker. So no loo flushing there TW! So we are conserving water, OK? Would you like us to start peeing in our water butts too? If only we could go to the pub – we might even be able to fill the odd bath or two?
As for telling us not to water our precious plants TW! You have to be joking! Despite us saving all our rainwater in butts in February, and now having used it all – we are not going to let the poor little miserable flowers that arrived by post looking like we did when stricken with a touch of the virus – are we?
You really couldn’t make it up…
A water company asking us to cut back on consumption, or face no supply, or a hosepipe ban. But surely Thames Water, you can cast your mind back to when the wet stuff was cascading out of the sky, turning our farmland into a quagmire and our streets and gardens into rivers.

Haven’t you ever heard about – Saving for a rainy day?

P.S. Perhaps NOW instead of paying lip service to requests for comments on planning applications by our borough planners – and claiming with your usual monotonous regularity that you can readily meet the demand for water etc, you start ticking a different box?

You know the box that says –







One thought on “Water water everywhere in February…”

  1. They admit there is enough water but not in the right places and they can’t keep pace with the demand. It’s the same old story – but earlier this year due to lock-down and hot weather.
    Thames Water been caught short again, so they trot out the usual mantra: “our customers are using too much water” The other half of the Borough served by South East Water have not had the same problems.
    Thames Water need to put their hands in their deep pockets and create a proper infrastructure that will serve the extra demand also created by the extra housing that has and will be built. Roll on Dunsfold!

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