‘Your Waverley’ Business Grant Claims latest.


Businesses in the borough which have an office which is subject to Business Rates can claim a £10,000 grant, and retail and pubs can claim £25K

But you have to have your paperwork in good order, or you will be wasting both yours’ and officers’ time.

The first batch of grant payments will be going out this week and officers have been working all over Easter to ensure payments are made.


Business Grant claims

We are having issues processing a significant proportion of claims for Business Grants, due to insufficient verifying evidence being provided. When making your claim, please ensure you provide all of the requested information. In particular, we are experiencing issues with:

  • supporting documents to verify that the claimant was in occupation of the property on 11 March. A recent utility bill with the property address and tenant/ trading name is required
  • a copy of a bank account statement is required to prevent data entry errors and to demonstrate that the business is trading
  • we require photo ID as an anti-fraud measure to protect claimants against impersonation. Ideally, the ID should demonstrate a clear link between the name and address on the bank statement and property.

Processing and Payment

Our intention is to process all claims as quickly as possible. We will be working over the Easter weekend to process all claims that have the correct supporting information and will get back to claimants where more information is needed. 

The first batch of grant payments will be made on 14 April 2020.


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