You couldn’t make it up! But a huge thank you to Surrey’s firefighters.

At a time when our fire officers are on first response duty – the irresponsibility of some beggers belief.


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 18.08.45.png

Unbelievable. If they find the culprits they should send them on community service to work in the Nightingale Ward?
Thank you to the amazing firefighters in Surrey x

Residents living near Hurtwood School have provided more ¬†information: The fire was on the Holmbury side of Radnor Road, between the reservoir and Peaslake village. It was well-alight and covering an extensive area by 8.30pm, so it’s most unlikely to have been caused by any fireworks set off in the area at 8pm – it must have started quite a lot earlier. The fire was put out during the night and the road opened shortly after.

2 thoughts on “You couldn’t make it up! But a huge thank you to Surrey’s firefighters.”

  1. Honestly – I understand the frustration – But why such IGNORANCE – I hope that if one of their Vulnerable Rellies gets CV they think about WHY – Because some Ignorant F*ckwit Does stuff like this and takes time out of the Front Line to deal with it – What Complete Idiots

  2. Sadly there is another virus the – TALOIA virus – ‘There’s A Lot Of It About.’ But thankfully it also brings out the best in people too.

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