Paul Follows looks forward to 2021 with a new colleague by his side.

No wonder Waverley’s Deputy leader Paul Follows is feeling more than a little chipper. He is welcoming a former Tory councillor into the Liberal Democrat fold.

Tucked away at the end of the Full Council’s very long ‘Agenda and Reports’ for tomorrow’s meeting there appears a little golden nugget – almost hidden from view.

The announcement that Cllr Liz Townsend – currently an independent member of the Executive Group has entered the Liberal Democrat fold. Cllr Townsend – Chairman of Cranleigh Parish Council and part of the powerful EXECUTIVE of Waverley is one of the most hardworking and highly respected members of Waverley Borough Council. Even among her former colleagues on the Conservative Group! She left the party citing differences of views with the National Conservative Party from which she resigned in 2019. Even the new Tory MP for Guildford paid tribute in Parliament to Cllr Townsend for her sterling work during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The report confirms…

… Due to the change to the political composition of the Council as a result of Cllr Townsend joining the Liberal Democrat Group, and the consequent impact on the allocation of committee seats on the principal committees it is recommended that Council agrees on the proportional allocation of seats on the Principal Committees and SCC Local Committee in accordance with the political proportionality of the Council as detailed in Annexe 1. 

The nominations of the Group Leaders are Licensing & Regulatory Committee – Cllr Peter Isherwood (Conservative Group) EASTERN Planning Committee – Cllr Liz Townsend (Liberal Democrat Group) and Cllr Maxine Gale (Independent) 

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