Traffic chaos and danger for children in Cranleigh here it comes?

Cranleigh residents say NO, so does Cranleigh Parish Council, Waverley Borough Council, School Governors and teachers to new schools being built in one of the most congested areas of Cranleigh.

Surrey County Council (SCC) want to build a Nursery School, a Primary School and the former C of E Middle School to join Glebelands Comprehensive in Parsonage Road, All near to an old people’s day centre, a Waverley housing development at Sarus Place, and the Glebe Estate. 

Yet another new development will surely follow soon with plans to build behind David Manns Department Store?

The former school sites will also provide 91 new homes, bringing in even more traffic, while at the same time filling up the county council’s coffers.

However Waverley Planners refused SCC’s  housing application on the grounds that the density was too high – and without parking bays – would cause a danger to motorists and pedestrians, in particular young children.  No problem there – then? No doubt the county honchos will get around that little minor local difficulty?

Waverley planners refuse 91 new homes and send the county council back to the drawing board.

The proposed new schools, the existing St Cuthbert Mayne RC School, and the new homes together with existing homes and businesses will all access onto two main roads in the immediate area. St Nicolas Avenue onto Ewhurst Road and Rowland Road. Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.15.26.pngBut if Surrey County  Council decides what locals say is an “ugly building” is going ahead  in the countryside then what it says goes! Everyone can shut-up and put-up – because the County Planners can do just what the hell they like. Even without having yet granted itself planning consent, it put two fingers up to Natural England and environmental best practice this week and sent in contractors to scrub out an ancient hedge.

Yes you guessed in flood-torn Cranleigh! During the nesting season, which due to the warm winter has arrived early. So s*d the birds says Surrey?

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.08.04.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 15.41.19.png
The new school that even before it is actually built is too small. It cannot house a full school assembly and there will have to be three seprate lunchtime sittings.

The long established and well-loved Cranleigh Sports & Social Club adjacent is “fuming” that its long-standing premises and bowling green will now be totially exposed.

The parish council backed by residents has made its opposition widely known. It   fears for childrens safety as there will be no layby’s or drop-off points.

However, the numpty know-alls at County Hall believe that little problem can be easily overcome by paying staff/ teachers to corall the kids up – and get them to their parents’ waiting cars – or school coaches!  

Another poor use of public money? Still we guess better use than stumping up almost £60m to provide new shops and restaurants here in Farnham? In the middle of a retail downturn?


The Cranleigh Society is asking parents?

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 09.47.03.png

The  Society has looked carefully at the new building plans and beleives the scheme to tuck a new school for more children from Nursery Age to 11 behind the Social Club is fraught with problems.

But say something really must be done as soon as possible. All we can do is lobby to get the current sites upgraded or a much better plan – ideas?

 SCC has promised  to  rebuild or refurbished the existing schools for over 20 years – now their roofs are leaking and pupils forced to sit with buckets to collect water pouring through ceilings. Rising 5’s are using facilities over 70 years old. Facilities used by their grandparents, we are told by our Cranleigh followers!

Apparently the stream at the top of the fields are  too soggy for sport, but this has never been dealt with and the schools don’t use them because they flood.

  • The Assembly hall is small: it cannot accommodate assembly for the whole school & there will have to be 3 sittings for lunch
  • The new site will have AstroTurf not grass play areas.
  • There is no area for parents to gather at drop-off and pick-up
  • The access is limited to school vehicles.
  • No parking close by for pick-up & drop-off
  • The school will have to pay staff extra to walk children to & from the bus parking.

It is urging Cranleigh people to stand up and  contribute to the debate. Warning – if you don’t, then those who have the power to make decision on your behalf won’t know what you think and want.

Write to Surrey County Council at  and our Surrey County Councillor Andrew

Write to our planning authority -Waverley Borough Council, in Godalming – have a lookhere WA/2018/2044

Write to our Member of Parliament Angela Richardson,

SCC has declared declard a climate emergency. Wouldn’t be better for SCC to examine all aspects of this projects now, and rebuild on the current site, and make the school carbon neutral – a new primary just opened in Sutton says this – “The school will be Zero Carbon and Passivhaus certified”.  see more details here 

Cranleigh Society says  is there to help Cranleigh maintain its special feel by examining planning applications and infrastructure, and letting our Councils know how the public feel about proposed changes.  Please contribute by contacting us and also your councillors.. and the links we send you.  You can join the mailing list on our website for free. You can also complete the membership request found on our web page.






4 thoughts on “Traffic chaos and danger for children in Cranleigh here it comes?”

  1. The new school places will be needed for both the extra housing in Cranleigh and even more so for Dunsfold Park’s 1800 or 3400 homes or more.

    1. We understand that Dunsfold Park’s new garden village will include a new Primary School. Which will take some pressure off Cranleigh. However, only for very young children. Older children will be required to be transported to other schools in Cranleigh. The WW believes that th population explosion inflicted on Cranleigh and its environs will have a devastating effect on the character of that once tranquil village in the years to come.

      However, its growth was supported by the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce and its parish and borough councillors in the past! The WW wonders how those that still live there, feel now?

  2. I always feel a bit rubbish commenting about schools – having no kids myself – so I held myself back on this one – I watched the Planning meeting and was pleased that they told them to go back to the drawing board – But it does seem that SCC do not consider the will of Local/Parish Councillors or Residents to be of any importance. When so much of our Council Tax goes to Surrey CC – I simply cannot understand why they feel this way.

    From a Desk-Based survey of this it seems to make sense – Put all the schools together in one place easier for parents etc… Then you look at the detail and it is utterly shambolic, with no consideration for the safety of the Children – the Highway logistics and the actual design of the Build – Not forgetting the fact the reason the land is not in use is because IT FLOODS

    Removing a hedge Prior to any Planning application being granted and not before the birds are Nesting as Mine already are – (It HAS been a mild Winter) is shocking and I think we have to hold them to account. I am glad the Cranleigh Soc. are raising this and hope that local residents kick up as much Sh1t as they can – because if they don’t they will have to live with the long-term consequences.

  3. Your comments are always appreciated. Yes, at first glance putting all the schools together may look sensible. However, by developing all their vacated sites to fund the new schools is something else.

    Are we the only ones who predict traffic chaos by the determination of SCC to concentrate so much development in one small area?

    However, if Cranleigh shouts – will SCC listen? After all didn’t you end up with a school for children with disabilities off a dangerously narrow one-way country lane, despite objections from residents and Alfold parish council?

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