Plans to build retirement home on green belt land in Godalming are not going down well with the locals.

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Plans for a 67-bedroom retirement home on green belt land in Godalming have been met with widespread criticism.

The development at Westbrook Mills would see 21 independent and 46 assisted living units built, a third of a mile from the town’s railway station adjacent to development already consented at Westbrook Mills.

Once upon a time even Waverley considered moving into the Westbrook Mills buildings.

Waverley’s Local Plan says the borough must deliver 11,210 more homes by 2032 – 1,520 of them in Godalming.

Yet the proposals have already drawn criticism from the town council, which has raised concerns about the impact it would have on the environment, transport pressure and safety.

A spokesman said: “The proposed development is on the green belt, with no exceptional case for removal from the green belt having been made, and it threatens the biodiversity of the adjoining meadows and countryside.”

Robert Pryer, who lives on the same road as the proposed site, said: “The scale of the development is out of character and appears to be two large buildings shoe-horned into a very small footprint.

“The space should be enhanced and more trees planted, not unnecessary destruction of existing trees and natural habitat.

“I have already noticed animal displacement from Ockford Ridge – we should not even consider this application.”

Network Rail has also objected and launched an internal investigation, as it believes the plans impose a risk to its rail infrastructure.

Advertising the development which has already taken place at The Mill. 

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It noted the buildings could adversely affect rare birds such as the nightjar, woodlark and Dartford warbler, which are not just rare in the UK but internationally too.

A new vehicle access point for those leaving the site will be created, and a decision on the application is expected to be made in March.

Will we finally see in our life time an application refused on the Advice of Natural England which actually looked at the impact of development on the Special Protection Area’s rare birds! JHMoses!!


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6 thoughts on “Plans to build retirement home on green belt land in Godalming are not going down well with the locals.”

  1. Our Feathered Friend from Firgrove Farnham – a Birdwatcher or a Twitcher?

    Being a true Birdwatcher entails making careful notes about the birds one sees, even if it’s the most common, boring bird imaginable. It entails having the greatest respect for them and making strenuous efforts to minimise disturbance when making these observations.

    But Twitchers are only interested in adding to the list of rare birds which they have seen. They are ready to set out at the drop of a hat at any time of the day or night to travel large distances for the prospect of seeing a migrant lesser spotted scrub warbler, or whatever. Twitchers are highly stressed, nervous individuals.

    The very mention of some exotic avian delight, especially if it’s rare, under threat, or even blown off course from Dartford sends them into paroxisms. They literally twitch; hence the name “Twitcher”

  2. But whether you are a Waverley Warbler or a Tory Twitcher, tune in tonight for the big fight.
    It’s annual budget setting time at the full council meeting this evening at 7pm
    Will the Tories help the new rainbow administration set their budget (which they are required to do by law) OR will they attempt to unseat the new administration by voting against it?
    It could simply come down to a few votes either way and depend on all the rainbow councillors turning up……the Tories certainly will.

    1. Be careful what you wish for? Almost all sweetness and light – the Tory Group joined every other member of the Rainbow Coalition in bashing the Tory Government for doing everything in its power to make local auuthorities – BANKRUPT.

      They may all even march on Westminster. So the Tory entrepreneur and the Hon Angela may have some explaining to do. Becuse they are backing their Government’s policies up, down and in between – or so they say in public. May be very different in private?

  3. Its a Care Home!!! Residents would be incredibly lucky to get anywhere near the river (2 metres away) rather than the SPA (5Km away). Barmy

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