She who dares in Milford By-Election Wins!


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Two Independent candidates and a Conservative went head to head in today’s Milford By-Election and the Independent Maxine Gale won!

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All the political parties except the Tories stayed out of this election as a mark of respect for their former colleague Jack Lee who died suddenly last November. Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.

The Greens, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all agreed that the memory of their popular council colleague was best served by allowing another Independent to take his place. They backed Maxine Gale a parish councillor with 20 years service to Milford & Witley.  They hoped that the good cross-party work that is now going on at Waverley, will continue.

Now she has won Maxine Gale will join one other Independent – the former Conservative Cllr Liz Townsend, who resigned from the Conservative Group and the Conservative Party, last year.





4 thoughts on “She who dares in Milford By-Election Wins!

  1. Congratulations to Councillor Gale and well done for the various other parties (except one) for supporting her. Her vote may be needed at next week’s full council meeting to help Waverley pass their budget.

  2. Perhaps the Conservatives might post the outcomes of that survey they put out and what they intend to do about them? Especially Cllr Peter Martin (still the incumbent county councillor for Godalming South, Milford and Witley.

    Milford is my ward neighbour, so I am really really pleased that the councillors are now Christine Baker and Maxine (who I know will be a great team).

  3. Perhaps now that the election is over someone will report the Tory antics to the Electoral Commission?

    The Tories must stop using voters as election fodder and credit them with some intelligence. They could see right through all the questionnaire rubbish, and punished them at the polls.

    So now there are two Independents at Waverley Towers, let us hope that another joins them soon – then there will be an Independent Group – and perhaps the Executive will then embrace an Independent to join them?

  4. We await with bated breath the result of the survey? We are sure the Tory Group will want to publish their findings soon?

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