Ask Angela if you live in Guildford and the Waverley eastern villages?

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It’s official.  Angela Richardson, Guildford & villages new MP supports development in the Green Belt and doesn’t support re-opening the Horsham to Guildford Railway line.

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Is Guildford, Cranleigh and villages new MP Angela unperturbed about the increase in traffic from Horsham / Cranleigh, and into the  Bramley bottleneck, as motorists make their way nose to tail through Shalford into Guildford?

Or, does she believe a railway station would see another explosion of housing development in the eastern villages which will worsen traffic queues?


Now she has  put up a People Poll on one of the the Cranleigh Community Boards asking villagers?  Do they or don’t they support Surrey County Council’s plans to re-locate two schools. It wants to move the Middle School from Parsonage Road, and the Infants School and a Nursery in Church Lane into a new building on a new site adjacent to Glebelands School also in Parsonage Road. The former school sites would then be redeveloped with 91 new homes: Planning decision here: Waverley planners refuse 91 new homes and send the county council back to the drawing board.

As a former parish councillor – she joined her colleagues in their opposition to the scheme. The parish council has objected  – among a host of reasons it is claiming that the development will cause road dangers for children and the public, with a concentration of far too much residential and educational redevelopment in one place in central Cranleigh.

The schools applications will be considered on February 27 and will be recommended for approval, and, no doubt,  with the support of Cranleigh SCC councillor Andrew Povey, will be approved?

The homes application which was refused, as it takes away valuable parking baywill have to be resubmitted to Waverley Planners for its approval.

So far, most Cranleigh residents are 66% against – 34% support.

Shortly before the general election  Ewhurst resident, Ms Richardson, claimed that the Conservative campaign that the threat of former Conservative Anne Milton, standing as an Independent, splitting the Tory vote. was “not a problem,” and her prediction proved to be correct. 

It may not be easy for a Cranleigh parish councillor with little experience of grassroots local government let alone, the hothouse of Waverley Towers, to make an impact at Westminster. However, ten out of ten for concentrating on local issues. WW will be interested to see whether her Tory-controlled county council colleagues will take a damn bit of notice of what she, or the locals think?

Having swung in on Boris’s coat-tails by calling for Brexit, she mopped up 26,317 votes to experienced politician Lib Dem Zoe Franklin’s 22,980. Anne Rouse – Labour bagged 4,515, and Anne Milton – Tory MP for Guildford for 15 years – 4,356. John Morris Peace Party 483. In the 2017 General Election Anne Milton polled 30,295 votes and Zoe Franklin 13,255. So there was a huge leap of faith for the Lib Dems.

Mrs Richardson said voters were fed up with Brexit and wanted it done and the greater certainty would be good for business. While admitting there might be a short-term economic downturn, the longer-term future for the UK out of the EU, was “bright.”

She certainly proved it wasn’t ORANGE!

Although she lives in Ewhurst, near Cranleigh, she does not support reopening the Guildford, Cranleigh to Horsham line to reduce road congestion. She also supports the controversial Local Plan for Guildford and the strategic green belt sites it includes.

So do her views include the Green Belt in parts of the Waverley Borough? 

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3 thoughts on “Ask Angela if you live in Guildford and the Waverley eastern villages?”

  1. You could just give her a chance as she’s only been in the job for a few weeks. It’s what you keep spouting when defending Mr Follows at WBC from Tory sledging – any he’s had quite a few months to make a positive change. I didn’t vote for her as I’m not a fan of Brexit. But, I couldn’t vote for the Lib Dems either as their leader at the time of the GE lacked credibility and the volume of rubbish they chucked through our letter boxes was the opposite of environmentally friendly. Many people in Cranleigh feel the planning application to site the school where suggested is over development and will further congest the High Street. The railway is ok in theory, but how so you fill the trains returning from Guildford to Cranleigh outside of rush hour to make it financially viable? It’s hardly ‘Destination Cranleigh’, with a High Street full of empty shops and overflowing rubbish bins everywhere.

    1. The short sighted arrogance of Dr Beeching’s plan is now evident. We were told that only lines that were not profitable would close, yet the Guildford-Cranleigh section was always in profit. It was the Cranleigh-Horsham section that failed that test.

  2. As a visitor to Cranleigh I agree! Shops are nothing to write home about are they?Sadly, like most other high streets – full of charity shops, and it would appear some of those are closing down.

    As for the schools – parking outside every school in Waverley is pretty rubbish. Wonder there aren’t more accidents. No doubt Surrey County Council will do what it usually does. Ignore local opinion and drive forward with its own agenda.

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