Will the feud between Hunt and Follows continue to be be fought out in the Farnham Herald?

So far most of the jaw, jaw, between the Leaders of Waverley Borough Council and one of its MP’s has been carried out in a local newspaper.

And, sometimes it has looked more like war, war – particulary when it comes to all matters Farnham. Plans for pedestrianisation; the town’s escalating traffic problems; serious air quality issues, the Blightwells saga; Woolmead; and so on it goes.

Residents of Farnham want some action. Action from our MP jeremy Hunt. Action from Surrey County Council and action from Waverley Borough Council. Action from someone, somewhere, anywhere to do something about the air pollution that is having a detrimental effect on our health, particularly the young and the elderly!

 Waverley Borough Council has said it takes the issue of air quality ‘extremely seriously’.

But says plans to overcome the problems  – ‘should not be rushed’.

It said: “The council has a statutory duty to monitor the borough’s air quality and draw up an action plan outlining what is needed to improve pollution levels. However, it does not have the responsibility or ability to carry out all of the actions.” It needs decisions by the highway authority and Government money – and it needs it NOW – Mr Hunt.

Of course ‘Your New Waverley’ cannot instantly produce a magic wand make up for the ten years during which our MP held high office, and the Conservatives controlled Waverley. During which time the air quality data was being falsified by an officer, and which went unnoticed by her managers, executives or councillors, of which there were many! Why? Because there is no accountability inside Waverley Towers. However, there was accountability for the officer, who is paying the price.Was this woman a scapegoat for the failure of others at ‘Your Waverley?’

We wait with baited breath to see if that situation will change under the new regime?

So isn’t it high time that The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt came out from behind the tree where he is hiding and forgot that his hold on SW Surrey was slashed by the upstart young Waverley Borough Councillor Paul Follows who gave him a nasty shock at the polls? Isn’t it time he, visited Waverley Borough Council – met and shook hands with the Leader John Ward – (after all he is/was a Tory) and the Lib Democrat Deputy Paul Follows, and got down to the serious business of constituency matters? Matters which includes the dreadful state of Farnham – instead of running a PR campaign of good guy, bad guy in the Farnham Herald? 

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.38.59.png

Now that, ‘Our Jeremy’ is back in the smoke – we presume he’s too busy to shlep around Waverley?

Its official – Jeremy Hunt has contracted a deadly virus – AMNESIA!






7 thoughts on “Will the feud between Hunt and Follows continue to be be fought out in the Farnham Herald?

  1. Suffice to say I agree with a lot of this article – and the sniping at the cross-party WBC via the Herald frankly just isn’t in any way useful or constructive.

    You will likely see in this week’s Herald a reply from myself and John saying pretty much that. We are now (finally) seeing Jeremy at the end of this month!

    • Thank goodness for that. If you hadn’t you would have us worried. We put our faith in you when you promised to put people before politics.

      However if the Honourable One doesn’t turn up for that meeting the Waverley Web and the residents of Waverley will want to know why not? Afetr all the coward has had almost a year to pluck up the courage.

      Look forward to receiving your reply in the Herald, which we will put up on our site too.

      Remember, the Herald only covers a small part of the Waverley borough, and everyone is entitled to know what is going on? Have you met the Guildford & eastern villages MP the Honourable Angela yet?

  2. Hopefully the meeting WILL tale place this time. It’s totally outrageous that our sitting MP has NOT met the current Administration of his Borough Council, who were elected over nine months ago!

  3. The Rt Hon Jeremy has done nothing to improve our view of him by his childish and irresponsible attitude towards the new administration of Waverley Council.

    He has to work with everyone! Presumably even those who didn’t vote for him at the last election? A number which increased dramatically – what a jolly good job that the ballot is held in secret, otherwise no doubt he would be ignoring many more of his voting fodder.

  4. Dont ever ever ever get taken in by the arch liars namely the Liberal Democrats and Femocrats who preferred to sour and maim our freedom rather that accept the true will of the people of Britain. They absolutely stink out and pollute this nation.

  5. It was great to have a good laugh for once Mr Bellord. The ‘true will of the people’ our feet!

    But it is good to hear you are well satisfied with the performance of our WW Surrey MP and his Tory colleagues at ‘Your Waverley.’ However, we are sad to say – you are in the minority.

    The Waverley Web and hopefully the residents of Waverley will judge the actions of their council representatives – and their MP’s next time around?

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