Wild about Wildwood?

Rumours are rife in the Surrey/Sussex village of Alfold about the former highly popular local Golf Club that went into the rough 4 years ago.

Former owner Edmund O’Reilly Highland sold out to a Jewish Company who ran the club into a very deep bunker – leaving members with an unkempt golf course, and fewer facilities.  

Up for sale for some years, the club was finally sold to a group of foreign investors  who renewed a planning application for a multi-million pounds golf complex, including a hotel and golf lodges. We now understand it wants to add a housing development to that extant permission on the countryside.

However, strangely enough the Wildwood Country Club Limited’s Striking Off Action has been suspended despite no accounts being lodged?

Now residents are asking – what is the future for Wildwood?

Has someone swung a club to pull Alfold’s Wildwood out of the rough?

Has Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough?

A new era for Wildwood.  

Are there plans afoot to drag Wildwood out of a big hole?



7 thoughts on “Wild about Wildwood?”

  1. “Sold out to a Jewish company who ran the club into a very deep bunker…”
    What role is the word “Jewish” playing in that sentence? Can you have a “Jewish Company”? How would you know?
    Shouldn’t you apologise for invoking what looks like an anti-Semitic trope?

    1. Not at all – we refer to Welsh Rugby Players, Irish Gipsies, and even Scottish developers? So what’s your problem?

  2. Quite Simple anti Semitic, the Waverley Web is most definitely not.

    The relevance of naming the nationality of the owners is necessary for our readers to recognise an organisation that has damaging effect on so many people’s lives. Members, suppliers, several charities, former staff.

    Not only of the Wildwood Golf Club but the other businesses that have also been affected and shafted by these individuals. This includes several nursing homes, where its residents would have been left homeless were it not for the actions of local authorities, when they were given a few days notice to leave!

    Also, the staff that has been left financially, and in several cases, emotionally ruined!

    We refute any suggestion that we are anti Semitic and would have mentioned the nationality whoever they were, purely for the purposes of recognition.

  3. I do not think that I claimed that you ARE anti-semitic, rather I questioned why you were using what looks like an anti-semitic trope. If you had said that the company which bought the golf course was Israeli (which I assume is what you mean by “naming the nationality of the owners”), then I would have had no quibble, But “Jewish” as a nationality is a rather controversial stance (see for instance this: https://forward.com/opinion/436380/trumps-order-does-not-classify-jews-as-a-nationality-but-that-doesnt-mean/0
    If the company is Israeli then say so. But Israel encompasses people of many faiths and ethnicities.
    I feel you further compounded the issue by following on from the sentence I have questioned by saying “the club was finally sold to a group of foreign investors” (whose specific nationality you do not mention). Which is pretty much what you could have said presumably for the Israeli investors.
    So, I am happy to take at face value your claim that you are not anti-Semitic, but I would ask you to look carefully at how you use certain terminology.

  4. To specify a religion is not to specify a nationality. Why was that necesary? What did it add to your story? It left me feeling uncomfortable.

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