Has someone swung a club to pull Alfold’s Wildwood out of the rough?

A little Birdie has tweeted to us that former Manager Phil Harrison may have bought the golf club that both he and is family have poured their efforts into for more than a decade.

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Following months of speculation –  it is believed The Wildwood Golf Club PLC may have been dissolved. But  according to Companies House records  Wildwood Golf Club 2017 has risen from the ashes.


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Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 15.17.28-2.png

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Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.34.19.png

animated-eat-and-drink-image-0015 Let’s all raise a glass and wish the New Wildwood Golf Club a very   Happy Re- Birth… day! But if it is to redeem itself among its huge band of loyal supporters and suppliers – perhaps it needs to settle some of those debts!

One thought on “Has someone swung a club to pull Alfold’s Wildwood out of the rough?”

  1. The club was actually owned by Wildwood Country Club limited.

    This had a second hearing of a winding up petition this week when two creditors appear to have rejected the terms of a CVA proposal.

    And on thursday the last remaining staff look like they gave up. You can follow the green keeper on Twitter @wildwood_greens.

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