Are there plans afoot to drag Wildwood out of a big hole?

The jungle telegraph wires have been humming with the revelation that Alfold’s Wildwood Golf club has gone into the rough over there in the East of the borough.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 17.33.32.pngHere at the Waverley Web our e-mails and comment boxes are heaving with claims – counter claims and some very colourful descriptions of  life down on the driving range!

Here’s one we read earlier:Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 21.44.30

Click here to readHas Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough? Here at the Waverley Web we believe there are many issues and situations that some people would much prefer were buried in the bunkers. Bit like ‘Your Waverley Council’ where they do it all the time!

However,  when people’s lives, livelihoods, businesses  and their very survival are at stake – we believe it is in the public interest to tell people what is going on around them  and as Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington once said, – “Publish and be damned.”

As you will see from the above comment, feelings are running very high and it would appear that the head honcho at Wildwood Simcha Green is the new owner and those mentioned in yesterday’s post are the Consultant Managing Company Pathway Projects Limited. In fact, there are fewer roads at Birmingham’s Spaghetti junction than there are  individuals/companies/solicitors sitting in the Wildwood bunker!  

By the way don’t bother phoning, e-mailing or trying to address them – because you will probably not succeed (unless of course the Surrey Ad reads this post – they do it all the time, and succeeds in contacting them.)

As the bills, summonses, Court Writs continue to slip through Wildwood’s doors,with monotonous regularity,  suppliers have been seen carrying their goods and products out of the buildings. Some of these have contacted the Waverley Web at  claiming their businesses are being seriously affected, others say if only they had received some explanation/communication from the new owners, they may have been willing to bide their time before reclaiming goods.One told the WW – ‘communication has been non-existent.’

Some Wildwood staff are staying on to field the phones, despite not having been paid for more than three months.

The Waverley Web apologises to the former Directors Phil and Louise Harrison who are not in Spain, as we had been led to believe , but are sticking it out at their home near Wildwood working around the clock in a frantic bid to rescue the club.    When it was sold they, and their dedicated staff , had high hopes that a multi-million planning application, which received the go ahead by Waverley Planners over five years ago, would at last come to fruition and they would see in a new era for the club.

It is believed the owner  wants to take a driver  to get rid of the club  as soon as possible and every effort is being made by others, to secure it future.

Let’s all hope the club, which has raised many thousands pounds for charities, and provided golf to millions can ensure players continue to tee off at the popular Surrey course.

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