Parts of Godalming struck by lightning in Coronation Storm.

A violent storm raced across Surrey yesterday. Homes in Godalming & Busbridge had a blowout of all their electrical equipment.


A resident of Brusbridge told the WW.

 We had the most massive storm here last night – the lightning has knocked out all our modems, phones, and many TV’s on our road. There were 2 HUGE strikes right overhead. BT is struggling…they think the lightning might have ricocheted off some scaffolding in the road. Seems pretty much everyone on our road is the same. The BBC says there is no problem with the Guildford or Midhurst masts.

 BT guys are on the road, and guess they will do their best but think they have their work cut out. I’ve just heard they are sending out a “team” of engineers this afternoon to replace the busted kit – lots of modems have blown. 


It seems we are an isolated problem because the lightning ricocheted off some scaffolding. Open Reach is sending a “team” of engineers this afternoon and will fix sockets and phones but won’t replace the routers (ours says BT) because Open Reach is now separate and we have to contact BT separately. They won’t talk to me because I’m not the account holder – my husband has gone to play golf!!! 

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