As ‘Your Surrey’ is named pothole capital of the country – here’s an Alfold villagers view.

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The 26 homes consented at Brockhurst Farm on the A281 at Alfold Crossways hasn’t started yet – like so many other consented developments in Waverley- wonder why?

Denise Wadsworth is a regular follower of the Waverley Web and we share her frustrations that are included below.

The small rural village on the Surrey/Sussex border already has 125 consented homes – with another 56 at appeal for the former Wyevale Garden Centre. Waverley Planning officers recently refused Phase 2 of  the Cala Homes development in Loxwood Road, this too has gone to appeal.

Now another developer has homed in on the tiny village – ICENI Projects for WE Black Limited seeks a screening opinion for another 80 homes on vacant open land adjacent to the Crossways Petrol Station on the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road, just a Petunia away from the now derelict Alfold Garden Centre. 

Where one Alfold grew plants for the eastern villages – it will soon produce new homes. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Dunsfold Garden village.

The very same road villagers describe as a national disgrace, due to its rapidly deteriorating condition. Is it any wonder the locals are thoroughly cheesed off?

Wordsworth’s Lament:

“As I drove to London this morning there were the “Road-Patchers” out filling in the designated Pot holes on the A281 – ( already posts on the Alfold Village Network about another one that is ripping tyres) and ignoring those that didn’t have the little Orange Cross on it!”

“Wildwood  Lane is being repaired Apparently this weekend – No sign of any works on Alfold Lane!! Just as bad … Dunsfold road has Bollards marking a huge hole…Talk on Breakfast News this morning about re-opening the Beechings Closed Railways stations – Bet there is B*All going to happen for Cranleigh.”

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I am copying our Conservative MP on this as Anne Milton was always concerned about these issues I would like to know if our New one cares as much – Not that Waverley would even know we have her!!


Waverley Borough Council’s website obviously hasn’t caught up yet with  the results of the General Election! 


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