A bit of a do/don’t about Brexit celebrations.

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If you want to wipe the smile off this man’s face – go out and celebrate BREXIT – but with your own money.

Spending Waverley taxpayer’s money is an easy thing to do. A perfect example is a decision made by numerous parish councils in the eastern villages to oppose development at Dunsfold Aerodrome.   A campaign led by Alfold PC and followed by Dunsfold; Chiddingfold; Bramley and would you believe Loxwood in West Sussex, all of whom dug deep into the taxpayers’ pockets.  Some contributing as much as £10,000 from minuscule precepts!  All wiped out in legal fees to oppose development on a brownfield site!

Thank our lucky stars that some commonsense has prevailed with this message from the Deputy Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ over the highly decisive issue of BREXIT commemorations, celebrations or commiserations. 

Whatever your views on the ‘B’ word – let’s face it our borough, county and parish councils have challenges enough to deal with, without squandering money on unnecessary expenditure. With council tax rises, and rent rises in the offing, and numerous jobs and businesses threatened. Maybe we should all keep shtum and let the B word – just happen? 


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10 thoughts on “A bit of a do/don’t about Brexit celebrations.”

  1. As you know I campaigned hard for Brexit but I agree with Cllr Follows that public money should not be spent on celebrations. This should be a personal matter and paid for out of your own pockets with like minded people and not rammed down the throat of those vehemently opposed. I hold a celebration on June 23rd each year and shall continue to do so but it is at my expense not the public purse

  2. Again Paul Follows is getting it wrong in indicating that 53% were opposed to Brexit. I voted for the Conservatives but that does not mean I support Brexit. My family(Welsh) and friends voted Labour and also voted for Brexit. Labour ‘sat on the fence’ at the GE and to include them in the against numbers is just wishful thinking. Paul and his Liberal colleagues need to get over their disastrous election campaign and start delivering on the promises made at the May local elections!

      1. It’s not me that needs to keep up Paul but your colleagues in the Waverley Rainbow group as there has been very little decisive action taken since May. Lot’s of ‘talk talk’ but very little ‘walk walk’ I understand there has been little progress in increasing investment to help provide capital resources to address the loss of HMG grant support. You knew the financial background when you made all these wonderful promises at the election now please get on and deliver!

      2. Just to be clear Jim, we had assumptions prior to taking over that did not include quite such a material write-down in Brightwells.

        And actually, in terms of democracy and transparency reforms that’s going great guns. Have done almost all of that.

        In terms of promising to review LPP1 we did, it proved mad because of your governments policy and so we didn’t pull that trigger. We have actually intervened in LPP2 both in Haslemere and and hopefully in Witley.

        We passed our climate emergency, are pressing on with that and it’s action plan.

        We have a new housing and new Comms strategy.

        We have stood firm in the defence of made local plans wherever they are.

        We have had to sort out messes of your legacy contracts now on two serious occasions since taking over too.

        And a bunch of things in the pipeline 🙂

        And I do hope you will give such comments to Mr Hunt and co for all their promises. Looking out hopefully for that local government money!

    1. Might have been a disastrous result for the Lib Dems nationally, but certainly not locally. Why? Because many former stalwart Tories like me voted by results locally and voted for a man that makes things happen, and not just during the election periods.

  3. Don’t understand why anyone is considering any kind of celebration whilst we haven’t even started negotiating our future trading and alignment (or otherwise) relationship with the EU. At the end of the Transition Period, we MAY have something to celebrate but on the other hand we MAY NOT. Let’s hope the people we send to negotiate are better than the last bunch of incompetents.

  4. Well said Paul We should not be wasting the limited WBC funds on celebrations for something that many people are against. Whether you voted for or against it is a private matter so have a private party.
    I was personally against Brexit – But we now have to try and ensure we get the best possible deal we can with our European Neighbours

  5. Jim Edwards needs to wake up and smell the mess he and his colleagues left behind. As an officer at Waverley, of many years standing, and one who has never commented on this blog, I am disgusted at the mess of the Tories making. But what better than to blame the new guys and gals, just six months into their term of office.

    But thank heaven – we are now on the mend.

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