The Flying Dutchman does a runner.


Shortly before Christmas (a few moments after its planning application to build a Care Home, Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust morphed into another charity: Cranleigh Village Health Trust.

Changing the name – so what’s the game?

In the interest of clarity – here are the new Cranleigh Health Trust’s future charitable aims.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.12.11.png

Now it has lost its former Chairman-President, Trustee who, apparently according to the mutter in Cranleigh’s gutter – is now spending more time with his personal interests, as a property developer. Which, according to the locals, was always his sole intention – but his comfort blanket was the “hospital project.” Now that has been pulled away – for the time being, he will follow his main interest – owning Cranleigh through his company ‘Lettuce and Leafhy.’

His latest cunning plan to turn the village’s treasured department store, or at least most of David Manns – into yet another development site. This time 90/40 flats or as many as the planners will allow him in the middle of a Conservation Area.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 10.15.35.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 20.36.08.png

5 thoughts on “The Flying Dutchman does a runner.”

  1. Certainly not before time. Because now after more than 20 years ths outfit is coming up with another cunning plan that it wants to reveal to The League of Friends of the real Cranleigh Village Hospital and Cranleigh Parish Council.

    As if anyone would trust them?

  2. No.1) Hope he paid more than a pound for this piece of land!

    No. 2) Is this another piece of land like the villagers had, where they payed through donations, the drainage etc?

    No. 3) Is this another ‘lets rip off the people of Cranleigh’ scheme again?

    No. 4) Please release me, let me go!

    1. Response to No.2) ‘I’ll look out for the donation boxes then so he has some money to start up with, what name is this charity going to be called this time? ‘Cranleigh Vanishing Housing Trust’? (CVHT for short)

  3. Appears that Mr V has a lot of friends over there. Don’t worry, we have quite a few similar characters operating over here in Farnham and the surrouding ares.

    There is a certain breed- tthat only recognise one word – “greed.”

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