The county wallies do a U-turn on parking charges.

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Not really.  Figures revealed that whilst the council raised £61,000 in revenue from introducing charges for parking at places like Rodborough Common, in Waverley. It cost around £300,000 to instal the machines. WW wonders how much it will cost to remove the machines and reinstate the sites?

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 Six locations in Waverley were included in the unpopular decision, including Rodborough Common, and Milford.   The popular beauty spot at Newlands Corner in Guildford was also part of the cunning plan to raise money. It provoked a huge backlash from the public, with petitions and questions raised at council meetings and a huge decrease in people going into the countryside.

Surrey’s cabinet abolished the policy of charging as it had not “delivered the significant contributions as expected” and did not align with the council’s Community Vision 2030. So was unanimously binned!

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‘Your Waverley’ is presently preparing a new car-parking strategy – which could yield another £500,000 a year for the council’s depleting coffers.




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