Country Park in Cranleigh given the go-ahead.

Is it all happening in Knowle park in Cranleigh?

Approval has been given by Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee for a new country park, which includes lakes, adventure play area – and a bridleway, which magically meets up with an emergency access road at the other end of Knowle Park. Quelle surprise!

The need for an emergency access road was questioned by councillors when the Knowle Park Initiative was granted detailed planning permission for 75 homes in Alfold Road, earlier this year. Cllrs Paul Follows and Jerry Hyman wanted to know why an emergency access was required by the developer when none existed for any other developments?

Officers just looked dumb, and said in future before any other such requests were made they would determine why? Just goes to show how easy it is to pull the wool over officers’ eyes at ‘Your Waverley?’

The Park was part of the pay-off for the development in Knowle Park – which has no affordable homes at all, these were removed at the detailed stage  – and another which totals circa 270 at the former West Cranleigh Nurseries site, also in Alfold Road, where the developer must provide affordable homes.  

The deal was – we will hand over a park to a Trust for villagers use, which villagers have been using for decades – and once was the venue for the annual Cranleigh Agricultural Show,  in return for another shedload of housing. Ah well – you get ought for nought as we say in Yorkshire.

So the question is? When will the new bridleway become a new road?

Thankfully, it appears this time planning officers were wide awake and imposed a condition on the use of the “bridleway and footpath 393,” which must be gated and not used for vehicles, without approval.  WW wonders, how long will that continue?   The council has also imposed a shedload of conditions to ensure the wildlife, the Littlemead  Brook, trees and hedgerows are not disturbed or damaged in any way.

The Environment Agency has raised concerns of the detailed design of the proposed lake and wants full details on how it will affect Littlemead Book, which boasts otters, how the lake will be filled and water levels managed?

All roads lead to riches​ , ​don’t they? Especially when they live in Cranleahy.

Will a Folk Concert herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass?

Another planning application now in the pipeline proposes to build on to the existing Knowle Park Nursing Home, pictured in brown at the bottom of the diagram. The Caring Homes Health Group wants to build 23 additional bedrooms onto the long-established nursing home.

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Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 10.21.44.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 10.21.57.png

5 thoughts on “Country Park in Cranleigh given the go-ahead.”

  1. This park feels like a White Elephant. Wasn’t the Knowle Park Initiative all about low cost homes for local people? Now there are no affordable homes at all. Are they still linked to the chamber of commerce or the defunct village hospital/care home charlatans?

    From the Surrey Ad 19/9/15

    Richard Graham, chairman of Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, said..

    “The KPI proposal absolutely satisfies one of the key objectives of the chamber to create sustainable housing developments that provide homes for the young, affordable homes and property suitable for older downsizers.”

    Whats the connection between the Chamber of Commerce, the care home and KPI? Whats Mr Bamford’s role? He is chair of the KPI trustees, I think, and wasn’t he upset that the care home application called in by Cllr Ellis was refused? Seems to be lots of fingers in lots of pies…

    Isn’t the lake just a big drainage pound for this soggy site? One may be forgiven for thinking that they wish to drain the site for a year or so, declare the parkland to be the White Elephant we already know it to be and build unaffordable houses or a care home on it. But, I’m just an old girl who knows nothing 😉. If I play my cards right they may have a space in the care home for me!

    Maybe some clever person can put the story together and fill us in on the history here? I haven’t a Scooby, but there’s an apt Australian saying that comes to mind: ‘you can’t make a chicken salad out of chicken sh*t’.’

  2. “The deal was – we will hand over a park to a Trust for villagers use, which villagers have been using for decades – and once was the venue for the annual Cranleigh Agricultural Show,”
    Which park exactly have the villagers been using for decades? certainly not recent decades.The footpath from alfold road to knowle lane maybe but the reason as local knowledge goes is that the Cranleigh show moved years ago 1982? because of where it was held in knowle park is a waterlogged piece of ground and witnessed personally as kids the years when the horseboxes, vans and cars were pulled out by tractors!! Still that may save some money if they dig a hole and call it a lake. Such a shame that they feel a need for a park to control activities in, when there is still immediate access to the countryside from the new non affordable by local families housing.

    1. From records we were were able to unearth, the Knowle Park was used, as you rightly say, until the early 80’s for the Cranleigh Show, but moved due to the waterlogged site.

      However, we have heard from many Cranleigh residents that they have been walking their dogs there for years in open countrysdie, without man-made playgrounds, lakes, car parks or entertainment venues. However, we have heard from riders that they are very much looking forward to the land becoming a bridleway, so they can gallop their horses through the back of Cranleigh! So watch out walkers?

  3. For an ‘old girl’ – your description of yourself, certainly not ours, you appear to have a remarkably accurate assessment of exactly how the ‘Cranleigh mafia’ as a group of businessmen/developers are known, are moulding a once lively happy village into a rather discontented and divided town.

    The Chamber of Commerce has been a driving force for development. Well – now it has that development – 3,000 on their way to Dunsfold and 2,000 consented in Cranleigh.
    the WW understands from our informants over there in the eastern villages that very few of these so called ‘affordable homes’ have actually materialised. And that the large majority of the new inhabitants are coming from the Croydon and outer London boroughs, and are finding the rural idyll a little disappointing.

    As for the parkland on Flood zones 2 and 3 it is in part a SUDS – A Sustanable Urban Drainage Scheme, for developements surrounding it.

    One thing is for sure. Cranleigh Parish Council has no intention of taking responsibility for the parkland – and no doubt in years to come the townsfolk will be asked to dig into their pockets once again to support it. No change there then?

    You ask what the connection is between the KPI, Chamber of Commerce and Mr Bamford. Pretty much all one of the same.

    As we said long ago, be careful what you wish for – we heard from a resident on Monday who was losing the will to live trying to get through the High Street because there was traffic chaos there.

    As for more low cost homes – don’t hold your breath Bunty. Though we have heard that some developers are considering handing land over to housing associations. They are doing this in other parts of the borough – including Farnham too.

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