A week is a long time in politics – a day is a long time in ‘Your Waverley.’

Only yesterday the Waverley Web urged our politicians to: “play nicely.” You can read our post below. Ah well, that little bit of advice –  didn’t last as long as a Magnum. We have put the snow effect on as the atmosphere is becoming decidedly chilly!

Is Following Follows getting nasty?



So what happened next you may ask? The Godalming hustings took place – mainly, as you would expect for residents of Godalming and the surrounding area, but was ambushed by ‘a bunch of hyenas’  – as one new Godalming residents described the Tory contingent. Do we smell panic in the Tory ranks?

So who crammed themselves into the front row so they could have a go at the Lib Dems and Labour, no prizes for guessing?

The usual toxic group led by Julia Potts (who was forced to land like a Spring cuckoo and throw her deputy Ged Hall out of  the nest, because her Farnham seat in the May polls was doomed.) Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No,​ it’s Potty parachuting into Tilford.

Denise Le Gal – who was well and truly routed from her Farnham sinecure and who seems to retain an almost unique ability to re-write history. Her penultimate appearance as mayor of Waverley was of-the-never-to-be forgotten-variety as she referred to Tories who never turned up, were paid,  and thrown out of the council as – “CHINOS’ ‘Councillors here In Name Only’ – and actually thought it was funny.

 Waverley Mayor has the GALL to joke about councillor non-attendance

Peter Martin – who thankfully at times still manages to behave like a gentleman – Judith & Chris Storey – attending their second husting in the hope they can slay the dragon and give both opposition candidates a damn good drubbing, but failed, miserably and Anne Gray who failed in May, and David Hunter who is still smarting from being ousted.  Payback time had truly arrived! And, they all looked as happy as pigs in the proverbial.

Obviously too busy playing keyboard warrior on Facebook to attend, good old Aunty Elsie, aka Jenny Else made up for her absence by firing up her keyboard from the depths of Elstead in a bid to take aim at Follows and fire up the voting fodder.

Do these TTwits honestly believe that they will win votes and influence people by their disgraceful behaviour- obviously, both ours and others’ comments about toxicity in politics was lost on all of them?

Here’s just a small sample of what the public thought.



Said Paul Follows after the meeting.



How very sad, that Cllr Else is so insensitive, that she cannot even recognise how rude she, and everyone was to Farnham Residents Cllr Jerry Hyman when he arrived at Planet Waverley?

As for Paul Follows, he was a pariah from the moment he stepped onto the Waverley stage and was treated as such?  The fear in the whites of their eyes was palpable among  Tory-controlled Waverley when it was joined by a young, professional extremely bright, intelligent and personable young man sitting among a bunch of has-beens, so far past their sell-by date, some can no longer even speak succinctly. Why? Because not only in opposition did he ask questions, he expected answers, just like so many of the rest us Waverley residents who have been ignored by the TT’s for years.

Be careful, be very careful who you throw stones at Cllr Else.  -Ye who we are told by a retired officer presided over an absolute DISAAASTER as Craig Greville Horwood would describe your efforts on a Cultural Strategy that wasted thousands of pounds of taxpayers money and had us all laughing in the corridors at Waverley Towers. The very same councillor who, we are told,  has done more to damage the services to the elderly in Waverley than anyone else has managed in its history.

Do we have a Cultural Strategy or do we have 230 pages weighing over – 600 grams – of expensive tripe? Tripe that was trashed


So…you no longer even recognise when you are being rude, mean and spiteful to a young man? Now that really is a worry, Aunty!  What a shame you cannot emulate the civilised and gentlemanly behaviour of your husband in the council chamber. Don’t you see how damaging your attitude is when the public is watching the webcast? Thankfully, other Tories – including Kevin Deanus, Stephen Mulliner and Liz Townsend and others did not leave their manners behind in the members’ cloakroom. OOps! we forgot – LT has become an Independent!


Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 23.26.09.png

Tis the season to be jolly, tral-a-lal- a la!

7 thoughts on “A week is a long time in politics – a day is a long time in ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. Hello WW this is the ‘civilised gentleman’ from Elstead –
    “how very sad” that WW has nothing better to publish in support of Mr Follows than this attack on my wife !

    I know you are no longer in the habit of checking facts these days but I am sure that an honourable man like Jerry Hyman would quickly confirm that she has never been rude to him.

    Not sure if Paul Follows would say the same (even though it’s true) as his version of events (rather like his party’s manifesto) seems to change with the prevailing wind – but, surely, even he could not seriously accuse Jenny of ever being ‘rude, mean and spiteful’.
    Far from him being a ‘pariah’, many standing members did their best to make Paul welcome and he often joined Tory councillors for a chat in the member’s room. Cllr Townsend was so enamoured by him that she has changed sides !

    Obviously, if Paul or Jerry spoke against current policy it is the nature of Councils and similar bodies to disagree unless the point is valid. Certainly, at planning committee meetings, both often found that other councillors agreed with their views and voted accordingly.

    BTW – If you are going to accuse people of being ‘past their sell-by date, some can no longer even speak succinctly’ I suggest you take a good look at, and listen to, some of the new executive !

    As I said, I know these days you would rather make things up than to check facts (especially if it helps with your Tory bashing) but where do you get the notion that Jenny “has done more to damage the services to the elderly in Waverley than anyone else has managed in its history” ? Surely such a serious, sweeping, load of cobblers needs some sort of evidence to justify it ?

    Regarding the cultural Strategy which you ridicule (and were you really sad enough to weight it ?), this was substantially drafted before Jenny became portfolio holder for Health, Wellbeing & Culture and was, in fact, highly praised by The Chairman of the Farnham Theatre Association, The Surrey & Hants News and local thespians including Farnham Resident Cllr Kika Mirylees, who sat on the steering committee. Perhaps their cultural sights were set higher than Strictly Come Dancing ?

    “Don’t you see how damaging your attitude is when the public is watching the webcast ?” – what webcast ?

    If your fellow Follows is not strong enough to face such mild admonishment as the Facebook exchange shown without your support, one has to wonder if he is really strong enough for Westminster ?

    1. Oh don’t worry David, I can take it I just wanted to highlight the behaviour that many people don’t see.

      You’ll also note I didn’t accuse Jenny of anything, I merely got annoyed when she tried to dismiss it out of hand without any thought to the behaviour of some of those colleagues (which let’s be fair David, as an educated man you will have noticed I’m sure even if you want admit it).

  2. The WW is quite sure Cllr Follows certainly doesn’t need any help from us – he has already shown his strength of character – and we are sure in future he will do great things.

    As for the behaviour of Cllr Else, we think we have said sufficient, and we recognise of course that you would stand up for her regardless of how she behaves. Some of which ocurred long before you were a member of Waverley Borough Council.

    Suffice to say we have gathered a considerable amount of information from officers, retired and some still in post, former councillors, all of whom have criticised Cllr Else for the demise of several organisations, including one that was founded by Waverley Borough Council, with an impressive track record for assisting the elderly of the borough.

    If you were unaware WBC brought down The Gostrey Centre in our town, for its own ends. At one point th centr threatened to call in the environmental health department of WBC to sanction WBC because the cookers and the kitchen were not fit for purpose. We could continue but we won’t. However, we do check our facts – and have first-hand reports from councillors and officers who have been at the sticky end of your wife’s rudeness.

    As for Cllr Townsend, perhaps she has more than one reason for changing sides?

    We contacted Cllr Hyman by e-mail and he confirmed that since joining Waverley he has been ridiculed on too many occasions to mention by the former Tory administration – but intends to carry on regardless.

    Perhaps when this General Election is over – councillors could start working as a team during the difficult and cash-strapped times ahead.

    Give the new administration a chance to improve a borough in need of change – for all our sakes.

  3. In Cranleigh the rumour is that Cllr Townsend didn’t want to support Angela Richardson as the Conservative candidate thats why she left the Party. Has she joined the Lib Dems? I hope Cllr Follows has the power to make her Deputy Leader next year. She would be good at that.

    1. Hi so Cllr Townsend hasn’t joined the Lib Dems, but is an independent- but an independent member of the cross party administration.

      At present I am deputy leader so my abilities to do what you have suggested are fairly minimal, unless I get elected to Parliament in the general election next week – at which point we would need to re-jig the executive a bit!

  4. These officers, “retired and some still in post and former councillors” – with all due respect, you know that they don’t exist and that you are making this twaddle up. Did you have imaginary friends when you were children ?

    Or perhaps they are related to the Godalming resident who you repeatedly told me was right (you had checked your facts again and again hadn’t you ?) when posting a photo of Jeremy Hunt on his phone half a mile from the war memorial and an hour and a half before 11AM, but which you were only too eager to report as him checking his phone during the 2 minutes silence ? – Oh yes, I remember, you ended up grovelling to apologise for reporting FAKE NEWS and hastily removed the post to hide your duplicity.

    Just like this attack on my wife – if you haven’t got anything true to use against her, make something up and invent inside informants ! Woodward & Bernstein you are definitely not (you may have to Google them as they are not contestants on Strictly).

    If you are unaware, the Gostrey Centre is now operating from the Memorial Hall, with lovely premises and a state of the art kitchen, and was encouraged and assisted every step of the way by Jenny and the Waverley Officers.

    I’m sure Jerry Hyman didn’t include my wife among those who ridiculed him (he’s too honest) and, of course he will carry on regardless – he now has to battle his Farnham Resident and Lib UnDem colleagues who he thought were his friends, until John & Paul (where’s George & Ringo when you need them?) sidelined him without a second thought.

    Waverley Web is now so sad that I think I will just wish you a Merry Christmas and withdraw from discussing further this pathetic character assassination.

  5. You really believe that all the information on the WW comes from outside the administration and not inside? Dream on – we sometimes inform the public before even councillors have been told. Have pre-empted press releases, even decisions. We receive numerous bits of information from people who work inside Waverley Towers and from councillors too.

    Yes, we all know that the Gostrey Centre was moved into part of the hugely expensive opeation that is the Memorial Hall. Memorial to whom exactly – your wife, or Waverley Borough Council? Thereby hangs yet another tale that the residents of Farnham know about.

    Everyone connected with the Gostrey Centre knew that Waverley let the old peole’s centre rot on the vine, because they had a cunning plan to move it to a less convenient location.

    We heard from one Waverley officer how Cllr Else managed to damange other organisations that once hleped old people. We also heard from a member of its staff this week that Rowleys in Cranleigh is on its knees, aided and aetted by Waverley’s decision to help it go bust by persuading it to do the `Meals on Wheels service? Apparently all the Trustees resigned!

    Yes, you are right – we made a mistake, of course you and your wife never make mistakes do you? We apologised for ours, perhaps Cllr Else could apologise for some of hers.

    As For Cllr Hyman, you sound almost as spiteful as your wife, and there we were thinking you were a gentleman. Have a public go at Farnham Residents’ who together with the Liberal Democrats gave the Tories a good drubbing. From what we have heard for ourselves is that Cllr Hyman is his own man – and will stand up for what he truly believes. One day ‘Your Waverley’ may even have to admit that it has been breaking environmental law for years – who know?

    Thank you for the Christmas wishes – perhaps we will give you an accurate post – based on an e-mail we received from a member of staff which will reveal exactly how much damage Cllr Jenny has done during her time at Waverley Borough Council.

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