Is Following Follows getting nasty?

Cool it boys and girls and play nicely?


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This is a message that Waverley Borough Council Deputy leader Paul Follows posted on his Facebook page earlier this week.

Here at the Waverley Web, we too have had a few very unpleasant remarks made about the Parliamentary Candidate standing in the South West Surrey constituency against Jeremy Hunt. Thankfully, we can remove them before they go into the comments box, and sometimes, after. However, some keyboard warriors appear to think they can insult at will.

Some people seem to believe that the Conservatives have some sort of given right to hold both the SW Surrey and the Guildford & Cranleigh seats in Parliament – and that the voting fodder is just that, fodder. Residents to be wooed every few years and then dropped once they start to concentrate on the bigger picture and secure a seat at Westminster. 

What the residents of Waverley would like to see is a little more emphasis on local issues.

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4 thoughts on “Is Following Follows getting nasty?”

  1. I agree with the points made here. I’d just point out that there is a choice of candidates opposing the Conservatives (not against Jeremy Hunt personally) in Waverley – Tim Corry (Labour) and Paul Follows (LibDem).

    For info; we are not campaigning today (Nov 30) on the Labour side in mark of respect for the victims of the terorist attack and I expect the other parties will take a similar view. For that reason, I won’t make any wider comments on the choice today.

  2. I will just emphasise the fact that I was actually referring to a very small number of councillors here. One or two I have to say I found it really disappointing to see them act like this (as I’d counted them as reasonable up to that point).

    Actually it’s the campaign hangers on now I’m getting all the flack from. So especially now former councillors (or their wives in one notable case that seems to be filling social media with a combination of nonsense and bile).

    We also halted campaigning early-ish in the morning and I’ve just been undertaking my town council role for tonight’s Christmas lights in Godalming.

  3. Boys will be boys and girls will be bitchy. We have no idea to whom you could be referring! But we will have a guess Aunty Elsie? She has had a face like a police summons since the day your arrived at Waverley, and she lost her place on the Executive. Cannot stand being an also -ran?

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