Oh dear! Before the refusal letter has been posted boys toys are flying out of Cranleigh prams?

Waverley Planners dared to upset the supporters of a Cranleigh Charity that had its planning application thrown out on Wednesday. You can read why here:

Power to the people of the eastern villages as they joined Waverley Planners to give a controversial Care Home development the order of the boot.

Cranleigh’s  Community Board has been fizzing ever since Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee refused Cranleigh Village Hospital and HC-1’s scheme to build an 80-bed care home and a staff hostel on a site once owned by villagers in Knowle Lane.

Judging by the e-mail messages we have received – and the on-line squabbling, it appears now the dust is settling the blame game has begun. Perhaps even an appeal against the decision has begun too?

So, perhaps our readers and our many correspondents over there in the eastern villages, could enlighten us – on who comes top of the poll in the pin the tail on the p/rat game?

Cranleigh’s very own Batty Bamford, purported to be a local businessman,  has blamed the parish council spokesperson, the editor of the Cranleigh Community Board and a young villager who was presumably asked to present the petition and speak up for objectors.

Waverley has been blamed by another supporter who fired off e-mails all over the country, for “dragging its feet.” Others are claiming it was the planning officers, the councillors and presumably the office cat? Oh, yes we almost forgot. The Trust’s planning consultants – Tetlow King blames Facebook and The Waverley Web. As if any seriously minded planner or officer would take one jot of notice of anything we say, dream on!

Others claim it was the Trust’s fault – for not providing villagers what it said on the tin. They dug deep into their pockets and bank accounts for a hospital and day hospital, for their use, and were offered a Private Care Home and accommodation block, to be shared by, what appeared to them,  for anyone, any-time, anywhere.

We would like to hear from anyone else out there who would like to name anyone else they would like to blame for what has become a toxic chapter in Cranleigh’s history? contact@waverleyweb.com



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