Now Fact-Checking the Tories ‘In Touch.’

Or perhaps more to the point former MP for SW Surrey Jeremy Hunt’s ‘In Touch.’ Because the latest leaflet  has very little to do with Tory achievements in ‘Your Waverley.’

Just a bit of trumpet blowing for ~Our Jeremy – or what?

But there is something very worrying going on here.

Because he knows, and we know, the police know and more important the residents of Farncombe and Godalming know who was behind the campaign against the spate of anti-social behaviour that has hit the area.

You know full well that it was the frustrated residents of Farncombe & Godalming that prompted a public meeting which was hosted by Cllr Penny Rivers and Cllr Paul Follows. They hosted a session for 220 people held in Farncombe, to which you were invited, and to which you didn’t attend. You can read all about that September meeting here. It was held at a time you were ‘spending more time with your family.’ And twittering to Boris Johnson saying you hoped he was having as much fun being PM as you were having not doing itThe fightback​ has begun to deal with anti-social behaviour – “and make Farncombe great again.”

Waverley  Cllr Rosoman and Cllr Paul Follows pledged to follow up on all the actions suggested by the public and subsequently, together they convened a meeting of the council, police, schools and youth groups partnership committee to deal with the serious issues and are implementing their actions.

Mr Hunt, you put out a survey which might as well have asked if people want free money. 91% support for more visible policing…of course people want that.

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So come on Jeremy, be honest,  it is hardly YOUR CAMPAIGN  is it really ?- So apologise to the residents of Farncombe and Godalming – for attempting to hijack THEIR campaign as your own.  Because the public isn’t stupid and they have ways and means of ensuring you understand that.

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2 thoughts on “Now Fact-Checking the Tories ‘In Touch.’”

  1. OK as some people have said, he’s a politician and campaigning is what politicians do. BUT his campaign is SO cynical. Plodding the streets of Farnham and elsewhere for pathetic photo opportunities with local residents and town councillors, attempting to hijack their local issues for his own personal gain. I just wish more people could see through this blatant attempt to hoodwink us! I hear he’s cancelled a number of important meetings with leaders of Waverely Borough Council….I wonder why…surely not because the current WBC administration is no longer Tory controlled?

  2. Yes cynical campaigning it most certainly is.

    Even the WWebbers were stopped in the street in Farnham! All of a sudden our town’s air quality became an issue. But fear not, the voting fodder are not daft, they are beginning to have the scales lifted from their eyes – and the scales may just tip the other way in the weeks to come and entrepreneur Our Jeremy, may be able to do what he does best – carry on entrepreneuring and spending more time with his famiy?

    What we want is more honest politicians. Politicians we can trust – not just there to climb the greasy pole and polish their ego’s. The WW believes Jeremy Hunt has had his day representing South West Surrey. “Representing” may not be the right word – as twas he that called in the Dunsfold Park application to the S of State – delayed development on the the largest brownfield site in the borough, which made way for development of numerous greenfield sites in Farnham, Godalming and the eastern villages.

    So, when it is make-your-mind-up time, there is only one choice.

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