Some politicians do not know the meaning of the word – RESPECT!

Some Tories are showing themselves to be as disrespectful to the fallen – as they are to the voting public. 

You may be unable to spot all those Waverley Borough Councillors who lost their seats in the May elections, but thankfully we here at the Waverley Web can!


One ousted Tory Jim Edwards commented on this scurrilous blog that the Lib Dem candidate had dared to put up a poppy on his post. A post that was informing everyone that he had absolutely intention of campaigning during the Remembrance Day period!  What Humbug!

What a difference a day makes?

Was it just former Councillors invited? Or just Saga members?

However, he failed to mention that Angela Richardson the new Boris Babe surrounded herself and her NBF with… a wreath of the words…  ‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning… how disgraceful was that?! Boris’s new babe!

Don’t worry Angela – once met never forgotten. And the WW only met you once! And, that was when you were asking us for money to help the Guildford & Villages Con Assoc – ensure Anne Milton was elected.

She’s not just Boris’s Babe though? She has even managed to persuade Matt Hancock the former Secretary of State for Health down to the old Cranleigh Village Hospital to-day for a photocall. Our Annie couldn’t manage that even though she was a Health Minister for years. But then, she didn’t buy her way into the Conservative Association – she earned her way in.

Though of course, Annie took her gun to health officials on numerous occasions while in Government – including those who closed Cranleigh’s community hospital.

PS Matt Hancock failed to show up!


19 thoughts on “Some politicians do not know the meaning of the word – RESPECT!”

  1. Certainly not the best thing to be doing during a minute silence! Though I do wonder if Jeremy is actually on his phone? It looks to me as if he is being shown something? Any guesses as to what the screen shows

  2. If that is the case then the act shows even more disrespect, as even more attendees at a Remembrance Day Service believed that whatever was on their phones was more important.
    Certainly more important than keeping silent for just one minute for those who died for us so that we may live!

  3. Point 1 It was two minutes silence and it is not clear from the pic that this was during that 2 minutes.

    Point 2 If it was during the silence the person taking the pic should be ashamed of showing such disrespect

    Point 3 It appears that a young person is showing Jeremy something on their mobile

    1. We heard from the person who sent us the picture that it WAS during the two minute silence. And, yes, he too was ashamed of showing them, showing us their disrespect.

      Don’t make excuses for why JH was looking at someone’s phone. The gentleman doth protest too much!

      As for bashing the Lib Dems, take a good look at your lot – and then criticise your opponents.

      The WW cannot help wondering what our grandfathers would make of all this? Were we worth fighting for?

  4. Why did Paul Follows show such ambiguity in stating that he was not going to campaign out of respect for remembrance/Armistice day and then broadcasting on social media this alongside the poppy emblem, is and I use your words HUMBUG! I note that he also stated on SM that at 1pm he would be volunteering in Godalming for the poppy appeal, there were numerous other Lib Dem councillors doing far more shifts but not shouting about it over this period, quietly getting on with raising funds to support those that have sacrificed so much for us all. To them I say a huge thank you.

  5. Oops – apparently our Angie was stood up by former S of S Matt Hancock who preferred to spend time at The Royal Hampshire County Hospital with “Brilliant Steve.”

    Oh dear! Yet another missed opportunity for one of our local wannabe MP’s to use the NHS as a political football. Don’t you love them!?!

  6. I understood that the 2 minutes silence in Godalming was held at the War Memorial in the Burys field but the photograph was obviously taken in Crown Court. Maybe I’m wrong or is this fake news possibly? Not like WW not to check the facts.

  7. We have checked our facts, we always do. As we are sure you are aware – the two minute silence takes place anywhere – everywhere, and this is not fake news. If it was we would own up immeciately and apologise. We hear from Stefan Reynolds quite regularly, and he has not disputed this. But thank you for your comments.

    1. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. THIS IS FAKE NEWS. Of course the 2 minutes silence can be held anywhere/everywhere, but the 2 minutes silence which included Jeremy Hunt in Godalming at 11AM on Sunday 10th November 2019 WAS held at the War Memorial in the Philips Memorial Ground as it is every year.
      I am reliably informed that the photo you have shown was taken around 9.20am at Crown Court. The Mayoral party gather at Crown Court prior to joining the parade along the High Street to the church at around 09.30. There is then a service at St. Peter & St. Paul’s church around 10am before they go to the War Memorial at 10.50 for the 2 minute silence at 11.00 followed by wreath laying.
      I am sure that Paul Follows would have been there to witness Jeremy Hunt & Stefan Reynolds AT THE WAR MEMORIAL at 11AM. If you want to check your facts again, why not ask Godalming Cllr Ollie Purkiss who is also in the photo (between Stefan and Jeremy) and ALSO LOOKING AT HIS PHONE (but of course he’s a Lib Dem so you possibly wouldn’t mention that would you ?).
      Are you now going to “own up immeciately and apologise” or does this mean we can no longer rely on WW for accurate reporting ?

      1. Oh dear – you’ve gone a bit quiet. Follows and Purkiss are the chaps you need to speak to if you want to CHECK YOUR FACTS.

  8. We are checking…as you suggest. However, you make no mention of the PPP Candidate for Guildford & Villages. Or are you one of the Waverley councillors who ignore what is going on elsewhere in your borough? Because she wrapped a wreath around a campaigning picture of her and Boris Johnson with the words – “at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.” Really, do you have anything to say about that?

  9. I don’t believe that Remembrance Day should be politicised in any form. You have chosen to politicise the day by publishing a photo with a patently false caption and I still await your explanation and apology to your readers

  10. Here, here, we agree on something at last. So you have recognised the disengenous behaviour of Angela Richardson and Boris Johnson – not that in fairness, the WW suspects he knew how his picture would be used?

    However, we are still attempting to contact the Godalming resident who sent us the picture. When we do, and it is beginning to look likely that we will apologise, to determine if this was not during the two minute silence.

    But, we have to say Cllr Else, it is truly amazing that one issue stands out so much in your mind, though we do not make light of any mistakes we make. Perhaps you would comment on the resignation of a highly regarded Tory councillor’s resignation. Or perhaps on last night’s meeting of the O & S Value for Money revelations. Because, quite frankly we were stunned!

    If your mission is to catch us out on an inaccurate post, then you may have succeeded – however as we said before – there are a great many issues on which you prefer to stay shtum.

    1. Was Cllr Townsend ever a ‘highly regarded Tory councillor’? She is highly regarded in Cranleigh but never came across as a Tory in the model of Mrs Richardson. Did she use the Tories to get elected a few months ago in order to try and do good things for Cranleigh? Has she since dropped them when being a member does not help her cause and she dosn’t want to assist her deputy at the Parish Council to get into office as Mrs Richardson’s Brexit stance offends her? I admire Cllr Townsends tenacity and boldness but she seems politically fluid. I expect she is soon to wear orange, then Mr Fellows may be able get her onto the Executive. She would be an excellent member of the Executive due to her hard-working approach. Waverley tories must feel a bit let down/stupid that they were taken for a ride. Will she will answer these points or wait for Cllr Fellows to do it on her behalf?

  11. We will allow Cllr Townsend to answer for herself when the time comes. We are sure she will be judged on her record by Cranleigh people.

    Like many of us in the country at this time – politial fluidity is not unusual. We suspect that it took a great deal of soul searching, and courage to become an Independent in th very politial hothouse that is ‘Your Waverley.’ We suspect that being an Independent can be an extremely lonely place.

    Should the new Coalition decide that Cllr Townsend, who we said was highly regarded by her collagues, and not necessarily her Tory collagues, be appointed to future rules, we believe that will be based on her skills, and not on her political tag. If only there were more of them at Waverley.

  12. Hands up, grovel, grovel. The Waverley Web made a mistake, and apologises to Jeremy Hunt and Stefan Reynolds for claiming that they were on their phones during the minute silence.

    As the popularity of this site grows, we now receive many hundreds of pieces of information, pictures and e-mails every day from officers, councillors, and the general public in Waverley and beyond.

    In the present febrile political atmosphere, that multiplies hugely. The picture put on Facebook, as some have pointed out, was, we have had confirmed, taken in the Crown Court Car Park. We will update the post and remove reference to it.

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