£300,000 of our money down the pan! But Protect Our Waverley, says “thank you” to its supporters.

They fought it here – they fought it there – the duo of objectors including POW – fought it just about everywhere. But how much did it actually cost US, Waverley’s taxpaying public, to save our Local Plan? The only means our borough planners have at its disposal to fight off unsustainable development.

It admits in the Haslemere Herald to “setting aside £300,000” of our council tax to fund the army of Rumpole’s employed to fight its corner against POW and its NBF – The Campaign For The Protection of Rural England. An outfit that nationally calls for the development of brownfield sites before sacrificing the countryside and then has the temerity to try and stop development on the only large brownfield site in the borough!

One outfit (POW’s) – only intention was to stop the development of Dunsfold Park, a hop-skip-and a jump away from their own backyards… It couldn’t give a damn for the rest of the borough.

They cost 11 – yes you heard – 11 parish councils, who dugs deep – yet again into the Council taxpayers’ pockets to hand over somewhere in the region of £100,000, into POW’s coffers. Did those parish councils ask their residents if they could use scarce resources in this way? 

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Did they apologise for their profligacy with our money?  Did they hell!  Sod the money, Andy Smith, of CPRE’s only expression of ‘regret’ was the decision.  No apology to Waverley Council Tax payers, oh no.  As well as pile £300,000 of our money on Dunsfold village’s bonfire or down the pan of the public lavs!  Oh dear, never mind, at least the Council Taxpayer can console themselves with the noble reflection that CPRE were using them to fund the ‘[raising] of a key national issue.’  Oh well, that’s all right then!!!

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