Its #Annes Still Standing.


Will Anne Milton still hold the whip hand in Guildford & villages?

Anne Milton is now – whipless, party-less, and with former Tory Waverley Councillors like these, who needs enemies?!


Since 2005-Anne Milton has represented the people of Guildford, Cranleigh & Ewhurst as their MP.  But as the local branch memberships prepare to cast their votes tonight Thursday, it is in the knowledge that the Tory vote has been split asunder by a woman, who herself, held the Deputy Chief Whip’s position in Parliament.  

Although a highly respected, hardworking, and in the most part successful MP, she may find some opposition to her decision, having made one crucial mistake in the eastern villages.

It was Ms Milton, along with SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt  – who together urged Secretary of State Sajid Javid, to call in the Dunsfold Aerodrome planning application. A delay, which having been approved by ‘Your Waverley’ and the S of S, then prompted a Judicial Review, by the objectors she backed.  Although also agreed by the High Court last year, it robbed Waverley of more than 500 homes, a pivotal component of its Local Plan and precipitated the loss of even more of the borough’s countryside to other eager developers. 

However, she did redeem herself in part, by her efforts to turn the spotlight on flooding problems in both Alfold and in Cranleigh. She chairing regular Flood Forums, regularly taking on the Environment Agency and Thames Water and holding all the statutory agencies to account.  Sources close to Ms Milton say she has become increasingly frustrated by party politics in recent years but is eager to continue to represent the people on whose behalf she has worked tirelessly for 24 years.

 So let the battle begin? All that remains is filling in the black holes?

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5 thoughts on “Its #Annes Still Standing.”

  1. Anne has been an excellent MP and really cares about issue such as the flooding risk in Cranleigh and the Villages and the state of the South Western train service into London. I’m not falling for the ‘don’t split the vote’ rubbish from the Tories as it doesn’t benefit us locally – they must think residents are really dumb. I think she will be great as an Independent and I trust this blog will support her as your contributors have supported indies in the past. What a nasty comment from Mr Reynolds – is he a Tory? Anne will receive plenty of support I’m sure, and when my postal vote arrives I’ll be giving her my vote immediately. Well done Anne!

  2. Yes, Anne Milton has been a brilliant MP, and here at the Waverley Web we wish her well. You are right, we have always supported Independents on this blog, as sometimes we wish there were more independent minded people representing us. Like so many we are sick of politics with a Big P.

    As for Mr Reynolds, we cannot waste our valuable breath on him. Yes, he is a Tory and was a Waverley Borough Councillor – but joined the Labour Party once, so he could have a say there too! You can draw your own conclusons from that.

  3. Oh C**p – I really like and respect Anne Milton – I think she is an excellent MP – But I am a Remainer (moaner) I don’t know what to do – I am half German and will always want to represent my Mother who would be turning in her Grave about Brexit.

    I have little family left now in Germany but have always still felt that I was a European as well as part Anglo Indian (what a stew!!)

    I simply feel in between a rock & a hard place.. I cannot vote Tory and certainly not Labour – Do I risk Anne or go Lib Dem??
    Sleepless nights ahead I think

    1. I wasn’t going to vote Tory anyway, but my thoughts when I read Anne was standing were that as she’s a Remainer if she gets back in she can vote Remain when the opportunity arises. Plus we get to keep all her skills and support as a local MP who doesn’t just focus on Guildford. Denise, you seem to know things, do you think we can contact her and find out her views on this? I am leaning towards Anne being less of a risk as we get the best of both worlds. I imagine she’s anti- Tory now? What do you think?

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