Follows (Big P) goes​ head to head with ‘Big Rice’ at Farnham’s Air Quality Summit in Farnham this afternoon?

** Just in case you wondered who The ‘BR’ is – it’s MP Jeremy Hunt’s wife’s nickname for her entrepreneur husband. 

To refresh everyone’s memories – The Leader & Deputy of Waverley Borough Council have been trying to meet with SW Surrey’s – “I’m far too busy,” MP ever since the new boys arrived on the The Burys block. But to-day could be THE day the twain shall meet.

WHY? We hear you cry? Because, ‘BIG R’ decided to call An Air Quality Summit because he is so worried about the air quality situation in Farnham. S*d, Godalming, and Bramley and numerous other hot spots – just Farnham because that is where the votes are perhaps? And, there’s an election on the horizon – and he is up against Steve Williams of The Green Party and Paul Follows of the Lib Dems!

And anyway, he always gets concerned about air quality and traffic congestion about election time! Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

WHY NOW? We hear all those of us who have been choking for years on the fumes. Years during which ‘Your Waverley’ was trotting out false air quality data on a regular basis to its numpties in the council chamber.

And, for which a Council officer gets hung out to dry at Guildford’s Crown Court today.

Come on Jeremy – don’t be a wimp – get out there and meet the guys and gals running ‘Your Waverley?’

Why did it take a Farnham resident and the Farnham Herald to question ‘Your Waverley’s’ air quality data?

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 08.58.25.png

Simples! Because there is an Election in the offing and ‘Big Rice’ wants to get back so that he can support all the people in the Waverley Borough, particularly all of us here in Farnham who are taking out kids to GP’s so we can pick up their Ventolin Inhalers! Get them nebulized, when they are choking because they cannot breathe, and listen to their constant wheezing.

Here’s what The Big P will be asking The Big R.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 08.58.03.png

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