Two major schemes go before Waverley Planners – that will herald the birth of the new Dunsfold Garden Village.

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A scheme by Gordon Murray Designs – already approved by the planners has been re-sited- signaling the imminent arrival of a World-class automotive research and development centre – the first of its kind in the borough of Waverley. 

The re-location of the company is a key component of the Dunsfold Garden Village Masterplan bringing with it around 500 jobs on the expanding business park formerly the headquarters of British Aerospace. The Gordon Murray business will use 14,000 sq ms of the 26,000 sq ms new employment floorspace that is intended for the employment park.

The new Gordon Murray HQ was given the go-ahead last year. But next week the planners will consider its request to move the building 6 ms to the north of the previous site.  Although moved slightly closer to ancient woodland it is further away from nearby properties at Hall Place in Stovolds Hill Road.

The change described by officers as “fairly minor,” will ensure the building is 500 ms further away from nearby homes.

Although there is a separate application from the developers Dunsfold Park due to be considered at the same meeting to create a new access from the site onto the A281 (this is the subject of a separate post to avoid confusion) the access to the new Gordon Murray buildings is from Stovolds Hill Road and Dunsfold Road. There is no objection from county highways.

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The officers’ recommendation is to approve the scheme – accompanied by pages of conditions relating to building the development, including environmental and highway issues. Dunsfold Airport Ltd is advised that any loss of open space from this application must be mitigated by replacement open space in the forthcoming   Dunsfold Park Masterplan

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Could these petrol heads soon be on their way to Dunsfold? Not if -some of the neighbors – have anything to do with it?

2 thoughts on “Two major schemes go before Waverley Planners – that will herald the birth of the new Dunsfold Garden Village.”

  1. Well I may not have wanted this Whole development at DP but this application will be offering Jobs and hopefully some that will be taken by locals as opposed to people from all over the country!
    But we are where we are with this and the re-siting is not a major deal. The only problem I have is why the New Access Application can’t come first to enable the construction traffic to use the new access rather than Stovolds Hill. I know there is a Condition to prevent the number of trip movements exceeding 3348/day but that is still a helluva lot and the bulk of it will be at Stovolds Hill I am sure.

    On a final note… You said that the DP scheme would reduce the number of other Applications going through, well now it seems at the various Appeals it is the reason that new Developments in Alfold SHOULD go through because of all the wonderful Job opportunities and Facilities that DP will be offering (EVENTUALLY) both appeals for Alfold Garden Centre and Land East of Loxwood road cite this in their Appeal Documents.

  2. Gordon Murray have been our neighbours in the little Broadford Park trading estate adjacent to our little group of houses by the river. They have always been perfect neighbours and we’ll miss them. They are likely to bring some Airbnb business with them as they regularly contract very specialist engineers for their projects.

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