Come on Jeremy – don’t be a wimp – get out there and meet the guys and gals running ‘Your Waverley?’

It cannot be true – can it? SW Surrey’s MP and local entrepreneur has taken fright and refuses to do local constituency work for Waverley residents?

Has he lost his bottle now that the Potty One isn’t head honcho at The Burys? 
Why does ‘YW’s’ Deputy Leader Paul Follows have to resort to trolling the Farnham Herald to get a response from Jeremy Hunt?
After all – aren’t our local politicians supposed to forget politics with a big P and work together and co-operate on the important issues that affect the future of our borough? Has he ever heard of the saying:

‘People before Politics?”

Has the MP for Guildford & the eastern villages deigned to meet the new Rainbow Coalition? If not – why not? After all, although Anne Milton has lost the Tory whip, her constituents have some very worrying and pressing issues pending on her patch. Issues, that require a good working relationship with the new leaders of Waverley Borough Council.
Screenshots from Farnham Herald’s Facebook page proving the rather desperate lengths that the Waverley administration are now going to!

2 thoughts on “Come on Jeremy – don’t be a wimp – get out there and meet the guys and gals running ‘Your Waverley?’

  1. In my defence I also hate resorting to having to (I don’t think troll is quite the right word) comment on posts like that it is out of genuine frustration. I did actually say this to him again in person at the opening of the Godalming Flood Alleviation Scheme too (as did John Ward).

    Anyway – I repeat my request. Come and see us. It’s been 5months+ now already.

  2. Come on Jeremy – show the new regime what you are made of. You’re no ninny when it comes to meeting people – are you? It was you wasn’t it that schlepped around every city, town and village in tthe country in your bid to become PM? Who met foreign dignataries around the world when you were Foreign Secretary. Oh! and we musn’t forget all those junior doctors you faced up to across the country.

    Surely a handful of local politicians, one of whom was one of your lot once, and the other who is just a boy on the political stage in comparison to you pose no threat?

    So don’t keep turning them down, or making dates and then cancelling – make it a photo opportunity with the Farnham Herald – and learn about their achievements so far. As the local MP you might even find it would be good for the residents in the parts of the borough you supposedly represent, to work with them?

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