Oh dear, what can the matter be? Councillors banned​ from the car park at Waverley.

When the roulette wheel spins on this suggestion who will win?

Rumour has that angry councillors are bombarding one another with e-mails complaining about a new ruse that the new administration has up its sleeve to ease its parking problems.

The Executive has proposed to ask,  or is it tell,  councillors to park in future in the public car parks – which are free to them anyway. This would leave more parking spaces in The Burys car park for the essential users – in other words, the staff, and police. All parking in the borough is free for Waverley councillors, but not for the council workers. 

Occupants of homes in the residential roads around the centre of Godalming are clogged up with the office and shopworkers’ cars, and residents are becoming increasingly concerned that their roads resemble public car parks.

Some of the older, infirm members – of which there are a few – are complaining that they are unable to walk very far, and need easy access to the council offices for day-time meetings.  Though the WW understands from ‘inside Your Waverley’ that the disabled parking will remain and so will special places for The Mayor & Deputy Mayor.

Will members of the council still be able to park at The Burys for evening meetings – which is when most of them are there?


4 thoughts on “Oh dear, what can the matter be? Councillors banned​ from the car park at Waverley.”

  1. Where can voters discover on the waverley.gov.uk website that “All parking in the Borough is free for Waverley councillors”?

  2. Can I just clarify this.

    We have taken away councillors marked spaces, they mostly sit empty.

    Waverley councillors have a blue pass that allows them to park for free in any WBC car park when on council duty. So if they can’t park there during the day, they could go to (for example) Crown Court. It’s a short walk away.

    Most meetings are in the evening though, most of the time it’s a non issue. And yes we did tell and not ask because (as expected) I received about 80 mostly self serving emails on this topic, mostly from opposition councillors.

    I would LOVE for them to get that animated about something like..all the children’s centres cuts, our budget, overdevelopment or the environment. But no.

    Full mini rant here:


  3. Ah! but those self-serving councillors who have been kicking up a stink have their priorities right – don’t they Cllr Follows? Why would they want to walk? Let the staff walk, let the public walk – let the police walk. Hopefully some day soon some of them will walk the walk.

    Why would some worry about over development when they actively took part in ‘secret meetings’ with officers and developers to bring about the demise of the eastern villages. Of which you will hear more shortly.

    They wanted more footfall in Cranleigh New Town didn’t they – and now they have it that cannot stop moaning about it.

    The WW would have all members’ parking passes removed – let them walk around looking for car parking spaces like the rest of us.

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