Wakey, wakey Alfold? Get up off your backsides and start writing before more of your village goes under concrete.

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We apologise to our readers for being a bit preoccupied with our part of the borough lately – so we are handing over to Alfold resident Denise Wordsworth. Why would we speak out on this Surrey/Sussex border village’s plight when she can do it so much better.

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Dear WW

I know that you have been somewhat preoccupied with Farnham – and who can blame you? But yet again Alfold is subject to Planning appeals coming out of our Bally ears! Who could believe it – certainly not the majority of the Village that seems to have no idea what is going on – Because you only hear of anything if  you happen to live next door to it or you have previously commented on the application.

We now have the following appeals:

  1. Alfold Garden Centre going to appeal for 56 Homes. WA/2018/2264

Their figures for Alfold are skewed and I will raise this on the Appeal site as are their comments regarding PDL land

  1. Sweeters’ Fields/Reach going for the additional 80 homes on top of the 55 currently being built
    WA/2019/07453. We also have the developer at the Land Adjacent to Brockhurst Farm wanting to add another 7 homes to the Planning Application for 23 new houses granted at Appeal By squeezing additional 7 new houses into the small field next door – I feel for the new residents of Brockhurst Farm and Magnolia Cottage and I noticed that Yeoman’s Cottage to the rear is now up for sale… Who can blame them?
    WA/2019/1324In addition to the 130  already granted in Alfold, that is an additional 133 New Homes (if you deduct the 10 already given permission at Alfold Garden Centre)

    One of the comments posted regarding the Garden Centre Appeal was that only 13 objections had been raised. – In their eyes, a small amount and therefore the village is not against it to any degree.

    I would have thought the 130 New homes being built was sufficient for the village at this stage of its growth bearing in mind the limited facilities we have here – But maybe I am wrong and the village does want to see growth like that in Broadbridge Heath etc…

There is no doubt more to come from the Springbok Estate.  It rightly deserves to improve the facilities for their residents. I have no problem with them building new homes for their seafarers near existing facilities, not even for the development of some of their land for residential properties for the people who work on the agricultural land, but in order to fund this, it will want more market houses to the rear of properties on Loxwood Road!

Alfold is in a mess due to the inability of WBC to finalise the Local Plan Part 2 and as we have no AONB or Special protection such as Greenbelt for the village – Just like Cranleigh – I fear we are going to be shafted!

I will not have to seek school places for any young children or places at the Medical/Dental Practices for them.  But the younger people in the village WILL and they will be out-placed by people moving into the village.. who will undoubtedly work outside the village and add to the already intolerable traffic on the A281 and Loxwood Road.

Perhaps if WBC tried to instigate something like the amazing Social Housing development that just won the RIBA Housing award 2019 https://www.architecture.com/…/awards/riba-stirling-prize
It is NOT Affordable housing – which isn’t really ‘Affordable’ – but really amazing Social Housing – (used to be called Council Houses – But look incredible) and offers a proper family-friendly and environmentally friendly housing scheme. – No doubt there is not enough profit for these sort of homes for the average property developer!

Unfortunately – we live in a Developers World – where they dictate the rules because our Planners/Councillors who cannot sort out the mess that is Local Plan Part 2 and the 5-year Housing Supply and our Neighbourhood Plan is still considered to be in its infancy! One of the reasons that WBC is not meeting its ‘affordable homes’ target can surely be placed on the fact that once Outline Planning is given – developers change the rules and say they cannot justify the 30% Affordable Housing they promised? And we seem to be unable to simply say NO!

Will you take a minute to avert your eyes from Farnham and look at what is going on in the rest of the Borough?

Best as ever


PS. Looking back on our file, Alfold has flooding, sewage and water problems. Has no village school, and GP’s in Cranleigh & Loxwood in West Sussex. The WW cannot help wonder – where is POW? The Protect Our Waverley Group.

Our apologies to the people of Alfold – maybe the Waverley Web has been a bit parochial lately.


2 thoughts on “Wakey, wakey Alfold? Get up off your backsides and start writing before more of your village goes under concrete.”

  1. Alfold cannot take all this new housing. What would be far better is perhaps 20 one or two bedroom local government houses, so our youngsters can live in thier village and not move to somewhere where they can rent a property such as this as my Granddaughter has had to do. She would dearly like to live in Alfold again but cannot afford the so called affordable homes that have been built.

    Nothing is scheduled to be done about the sewers, the flooding problems which exist in the village.

    We have no facilities in the village, we only have a part time shop and post office, we have dearest petrol for miles around, we lost our garden centre because they want to build houses on the site, we have an appalling bus service, we have no gas, no street lighting, we lost our MOT centre for houses to be built on the site. We do have some excellent sports facilities though. Alfold is going to be a dying village because our youngsters are moving out of the village as they can’t afford to live here.

    Come on Waverley look at this situation sensibly and think of the future. Surely we have built more than enough big houses. Please look again.

  2. Well done Vivien – at last the people of Alfold are waking up. Perhaps the powers that be think it will be ok for the new Dunsfold Garden Village to supply your village with all the services it needs? If so, then Alfold could be in for a long wait. The Dunsfold scheme isn’t off the drawing board yet, and it may be years before a school is built.

    You are so right, Alfold is a small wealden villlage on the Surrey/Sussex border with a major A-Road running through the middle. The WW has watched with disgust as your amenities such as the Wyevale Garden Centre has been lost to you. Do you have a school, our records think not? Where will the children from these families go to school?

    For ‘Your Waverley’ it is all about a numbers game. And, sadly, the eastern villages have no environmental protection from developers eager to jump on the Government’s `Help To Buy Scheme.’ When or if that stops, haven only knows who will buy all these vacant houses. Have any of those in Alfold now built been sold yet.

    As for the flooding – and the Forum – has anyone seen Anne Milton over there on your patch lately? We hear, Cranleigh is flooding all over the place on a daily basis!

    please keep in touch with us and we will post on it. Thank you Waverley Web Admin.

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