The new brooms getting to grips with Godalming.

They say a day is a long time in politics – in Godalming things are moving by the hour.

Perhaps this really progressive new council will be a model for others?  Is this the man to follow?

Since the new brooms led by Paul Follow swept into the town’s council chamber in May it has:


  •  Declared a climate emergency. 


  • -Allocated initial money to schemes to support that work this year;


  • – Added a new grant fund for carbon-reducing projects to replace that from 2020;


  • – Used some of this year’s initial money to give the green-light for three public water points at key areas of the town in Godalming, Farncombe and at the Phillips Memorial Park;


  • – A couple of other projects too (one involving some land at Ockford Ridge becoming a wildflower meadow for the community and another regarding the transition to LED bulbs);

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 22.28.11

  •  Upon being told that councillors robes would cost in excess of £10,000 to replace. The Town Council has elected not to!

Said Council chair Paul Follows:

“My own personal view here is that I want to be judged, and want the council to be judged on what we do and not what we wear and want to reduce any barriers between councillors and residents.

Tradition is important and this is part of our history but it should not override all other considerations.”

We also agreed on a Town council level structure of regular surgeries where at least one councillor from each ward will be available at each session to meet residents. More details on that soon.

So in my view a very good result – and I am extremely proud to be leading a reforming, modernising and cross-party town council. Many thanks to all the hard work of the town staff on all of the above too – without them, none of these measures would get off the drawing board.

Thank you also to all the residents who attended the recent meeting.🙂 Happy to discuss anything on the above either here or at…/0.-25-July-2019-Full-Council-…



6 thoughts on “The new brooms getting to grips with Godalming.”

  1. Hey Waverley Web

    This reads as though you have cut and pasted a press release from Paul Follows. Much as I support the new broom(s), can we have some scrutiny too?! 😕

    1. Nothing wrong with cutting and pasting a really good, informative and well written communication. Fear not, there will be plenty of scrutiny when things starting going awry. When will all the town and parish councils start webcasting their meetings? That is when the rel scrutiny will begin.

  2. “Upon being told that councillors robes would cost in excess of £10,000 to replace. The Town Council has elected not to!”
    There’s no way that they could be that expensive! I’m sure it could be done for under a grand. Still a better idea to keep the same ones, it’s like they actually make any difference to anything. Better to spend the money on something useful!!

    1. Hi – a couple of things here. £10k to replace them with like for like robes of that quality.
      Less if we went with academic robes or something cheaper. Almost all (I think 17 of 20) are in dire need of repair to the point of it being serious serious cost if we went down that path.

      Ultimately though, for me and many of my colleagues (Lib Dem, Green, Labour, Independent) – we all actually had opposition to it identically. Hence my comments about being judged on we do and not what we wear.

      The comment from a resident that will ring true with me is this. While Godalming has foodbanks who would even think about this expense?

    2. The fur on the robes worn by Godalming and Waverley’s Mayors looks a bit moth-eaten anyway. Is there domething nesting in there?

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