Is another rainbow coalition on its way? This time to Woking?

The first 100 days of Waverley’s coalition has now been completed – and some changes have already been implemented – (The Listening Exercise) and there are many more to come.

So far the opposition has had a few major gripes, such as accusing the new administration of not appointing council members quickly enough to outside bodies – of which there are many. To which Leader John Ward said the Executive wanted to get the right people, with the right skills, into the new roles.

It also accused them of raising the public’s expectation by suggesting residents could have a bigger say in decision-making particularly on planning matters. 

Well done’Your Waverley’s’ first listening exercise was a rollicking success – and there are calls for more.

If that is all the opposition group has to complain about it augers well for the early days of the council, with more new councillors of various colours than ever before.

So Waverley’s new brooms seem to be having less of a problem than those in our neighbouring borough’s of Woking and Guildford.

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