Is this the final countdown for Cranleigh’s Private Care Home?

Or will the public meeting called by villagers from Cranleigh & Alfold only a week ago be a big damp squib?

 The event is to be held on the busiest holiday week of the calendar, so will it be ‘no show’ by residents and the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust? 



The media frenzy over Cranleigh’s proposed new Care Home continues unabated?

5 thoughts on “Is this the final countdown for Cranleigh’s Private Care Home?

  1. why hold it at a venue known to have limited capacity? where previous meetings have been ‘controlled’ as to numbers, speaking order etc.
    For something this important why NOT a weekday and (as has previously been used) a Cranleigh school venue
    Diane James
    Ewhurst resident

    • So where could else could be more central than Cranleigh Village Hall, do you think that more people would go to a venue at Cranleigh School, a place out of the village and a week day when most people have to work.

  2. The reason the meeting was called with haste was due to the planning appliation in August nothing new for CVHT who are desperate to push this through when the good people of Cranleigh are on holiday. I wonder​ why? Are they are desperate to hide the truth.

  3. The WW very much doubts that the venue will be very full. Will Cranleigh or Ewhurst people who fundraised millions turn out, put their heads above the parapet and be counted?
    Athough we are Farnham/Godalming based our residents would have raised merry hell long before now about this shoddy outfit if it was on their patch.

    And, where are all those gutless former Trustees, who resigned but obviously know where all the bodies are buried in the so called ‘Charity’ that duped residents and the parish council out of their land and their money?

    Turn up Mrs James – and let us know if it is a show, or no show?

  4. We called a meeting at short notice because of the planning application being considered in September. Cranleigh Village Hall has an ample capacity and we chose a weekend as it is more convenient for a lot of people who will hopefully turn up to support us. The CVHT won’t hold a meeting of their own unless they get planning permission as they are scared of the public backlash they will receive.
    I will carry on fighting to get a fully functioning hospital that so many people gave their time and money for.

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