Does Waverley have its very own ‘Bet Shred?’

Waverley officers led by Head Honcho Tom Horwood have been busy since the election armageddon… very busy! 


Panic, not they haven’t been getting rid of all those documents they refused to share with their opposition colleagues over the past decade – well at least we hope not? They wouldn’t – would they?

No – they have been shredding the paperwork brought in by all the former Tory councillors, whose desks have groaned under the weight of  Agenda’s and committee papers/reports – some of which go back to the dark ages. The Paperwork they won’t be needing now they can spend more time with their families?

And there were we thinking that most of the millions of pages spewed out every month from Waverley Towers were electronically delivered. But appears not, as one newby waiting to take his seat tonight told us the CEO  said officers have been very busy, shredding. And, there were we thinking they were down at Bet Fred putting money on who was going to run the Waverley Show, not betting on who would get to shred?

The Full Council and Mayor making ceremony will be held tonight.

Vote Rainbow Alliance – get two Tories?

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