Farnham Residents’ take control of the Town Council.

According to some – it was the Waverley Web that scuppered the Tories!

Including our owner(?!?!) David Wylde (bottom left) Our Publisher (?!?) Jerry Hyman not pictured, presumably because he was writing posts from his spider’s web?

What a joke. Whilst we here at the WW regularly feature letters from Dear David, we thought Jerry or (Jaz) as his ‘friend’ Wannabe Waverley councillor Adam Taylor-Smith calls him, was far too busy?

Wasn’t the borough councillor for Firgrove Ward busy enough masterminding the election defeat inflicted on both borough and town councils? Did he have enough spare time to fill in by writing for us and sweeping the A31 on his way to Waverley council meetings?

We want to know why these two boys aren’t turning up for their shifts?!?

What a clever man he is, and he has a day job?

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.20.11.png

Suffice to say, as the picture from the amazing Farnham Herald reveals, the new guard Farnham Residents now outnumber their Tory colleagues by 18 seats to four. Could Farnham Town Council become a non-political council in the future? 

But in Farnham, is it chaos already?
The Mayoral role has been extended until 27th June to give them more time to argue amongst themselves perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Farnham Residents’ take control of the Town Council.

  1. It’s fab to see new faces getting involved with local politics generally . A bit disappointing to see such a lack of diversity though.

  2. Agree with you Bunty – it is great to see new faces but what we all want to see in Farnham is a change of direction from our decision-makers. Perhaps standing up in the Town Council making a bit more noise. Noise that has to be heard by the new Administration at ‘Our Waverley.’ We have all been waiting a long time for this in Farnham, but the New Guard has arrived.

    Agree wth you about the lack of diversity though!

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