Paul Follows chats to Waverley​ electors.

What do we want? Councillors who turn up for meetings. Councillors who are – not one of or are amused by the term  – ‘CHINOS’ – ‘Councillors Here In Name Only.’

OR Councillors who are admitting they are “paper candidates” who have been dragooned into standing.

When do we want it? NOW.

Vote Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming Central & Ockford – May 2nd 2019

One of the ‘fun’ things about elections – having to record election videos!

We have several about to be sent around soon – but as the only Liberal Democrat sitting councillor, I have first pick on what I wanted to talk about.


  • That means being there for residents.

listening to residents showing up for meetings and actually making a meaningful contribution on behalf of the people I represent.

It is something I am incredibly honoured to have been doing for almost two years now – and as you will see, something we expect from all our candidates.

And PS. Yes maybe one day I will stop blinking and randomly nodding during videos- but apparently, it’s not today!

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4 thoughts on “Paul Follows chats to Waverley​ electors.”

  1. As ever WW only reports and sees the best in any one who is not a Conservative. Such a tribal approach by you and others is I suggest unhelpful and not what residents want. I want people standing for election to commit to work hard for their ward residents if elected irrespective of which party they represent.
    Best wishes. Adam

    1. Plenty of people on the various Facebook boards asking you to answer a host of questions that you have been avoiding?

      Curious to find out a few of the answers myself.

      1. Fear Not Mr T.S has all the answers and is now backing his Godalming colleague – who is being posted ‘part-time” 3 days a week to Brussels.

        Perhaps he should take a look at her attendance record at Godalming Town Council meeting? Could do better – much better? And, that was when she was based over here – not over there. Perhaps she would be better placed as an M.E.P?

        Yu won’t be getting answers from this wiley fox – just cannot wait to see him in the opposition at Waverley. Sadly we did not exist when he was last a councillor. perhaps he should answer all those questions being asked.

        Like is he wearing a badge of honour for being the portfolio holder for the Blightwells redevelopment in Farnham?

        Please tell us Mr T.S. just how did you manage it then – and how will you manage it in the future? Everyone would like to know?

  2. You are obviously a newcomer to the Waverley Web Mr T.S. so we will forgive your ignorance. Over the past two years we have reported on some stirling work by Tory councillors – e.g. Kevin Deanus; Liz Townsend; Richard Seaborne; David Else; Stephen Mulliner; just to mention a few. So the tribal approach of which you accuse us is quite simply, false.

    We have also congratulated Julia Potts for doing someting her predecessors were unable to achieve – get a Local Plan on the books. However, we think we know what residents want, because many of them write to us.

    They want people who attend meetings; not just the odd one or two! They want their councillors to read their paperwork, not flick through it as they are about to make decisions. They want cllrs who can be civil to those in opposiion. Something the Tories have singularly failed to do.

    But, they also want their councillors to LISTEN and be heard, all the time, not just 3 weeks before an election.

    Perhaps you should read to-day’s post – and then ask yourself why we here at the WW have such a jaundiced view of some of your prospective councillor colleagues?

    Best Wishes, We look forward to reporting your good works should you represent the good people of Milford, because many of their views and concerns, in the past, have been completely ignored. WW

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