Godalming Tory councillor who seldom​ turns up – seeks re-election?

Last week the Mayor of Waverley proudly named absent councillors as CHINO’s – “Councillors here in name only.”

So here’s one  councillor seeking re-election for Godalming, Farncombe & Catteshall,  who  doesn’t respond to the local’s appeals for help, and rocks up so seldom he has been nicknamed as…”The lesser spotted Welland.”

The call for change is on – right across the borough of Waverley. Here’s one candidate so ripe, he could be used in a crumble.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 09.59.08.png


 Need we say more?




10 thoughts on “Godalming Tory councillor who seldom​ turns up – seeks re-election?”

  1. I don’t get it. Are not the Conservatives embarrassed to be trotting out candidates with such p**s poor track records? It’s a form of corruption.

  2. Embarrassed? Never! They are so cock-sure the voting fodder will put them back, where they believe, they belong, that they don’t even bother to justify their record.

    Yes, it is a form of corruption, but then Farnham councillor and Waverley’s Mayor Denise Le Gal thinks its something to joke about.

  3. It really is time we had a sort out within the Godalming Town Councillors. Many do not raise their heads above the parapet during their terms of office. We have Liberal Party members who seem to show an interest in most of the issues that are of concern to local residents. I’m sure that if the seats of power within Waverley Borough were changed to give Liberals a chance to be heard we would notice a huge difference.

    1. You can be sure that given even half a chance – you would hear a great deal more from us :).

      I think a bit of balance on the council wouldn’t hurt anyone to be honest. Proper opposition makes for better councils and councillors.

  4. If your own previous track record Paul is anything to go by I’m sure that along with the other Liberal Candidates as a team would have more say in the running of Waverley and we would see more action in tackling local issues.

    1. We have a pretty crack team this time around as we haven’t for the most part resorted to paper candidates everywhere due to our talks with other opposition parties. Means all the opposition groups have put up really good people.

      On a personal note I must say I’m extremely pleased at the team we now have in my ward of Central and Ockford. Still me of course, running for re-election to both town and borough but also Anne-Marie Rosoman (borough and town) will bring the sort of professional scrutiny Waverley needs and Adam Duce (Town) is a Godalming College teacher. Between the three of us I am extremely pleased in what we are offering residents at this election.

  5. Please let us have as much information with pics as you can. We have sought to receive information from the Conservatives – nothing – so far nothing from the Labour candidates. One from the UKIP candidate.

  6. Our excellent Labour Party candidates are champing at the bit to help bring accountability back to Waverley.

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