Will Godalming Tories’ wish be granted?

The Tory election machine has gone into overdrive in a bid to oust the single opposition voice that Godalming people have taken to their hearts and minds.

But as you will see from the picture below the Tories have more than Cllr Paul Follows to worry about. He has been joined by other local hopefuls wearing the Liberal Democrat yellow rosette, seeking seats in the town and borough councils.

One of the local issues they have highlighted is the proposed loss of the Godalming Surestart Children’s Centre axed recently by Surrey County Council.

As Nelson Mandela said:

“History will judge us by the difference we make to the everyday lives of children.”

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The group above recently met with Dawn Bellman and her ‘Surestart’ team and was very impressed by their commitment and support to the community.

Sure Start Children’s Centres give help and advice on child and family health, parenting, money, training and employment.

They are a “one-stop shop” offering their own services as well as signposting to other professional or services, eg. Family Information Service, Food Banks, Job Centre Plus and The Citizens Advice Bureau.

Each Centre is required to offer core services to all families from pregnancy right through those important early years until the child is at school, directly reflecting the needs of the local community.

In January, Surrey County Council announced plans to close 31 children’s centres across the county, but at the 11th hour postponed closing recycling centres until after the elections! A cynical attempt to dupe residents into believing they were safe.

The 100 % Tory controlled Cabinet voted to close the centres along with reductions to some bus travel concessions citing the need to save money due to government cuts.

However, it managed to find over £50m to fund 28 new shops in the Brightwells Yard development in Farnham. A scheme shunned by private investors. 

In a public consultation, 86% of respondents disagreed that children’s centres were an appropriate way to make savings.

It is still unclear to staff, families and the public what will happen. The group pictured above are demanding answers. 

Here at the WW – we await any communication from the Godalming’s Tory hopefuls.

16 thoughts on “Will Godalming Tories’ wish be granted?”

  1. Fear not Rosaleen – we will be there – complete in our Spider Man outfit and mask.

    Go girl go.

  2. Local Labour is also very concerned about the complete mess the conservatives are making of our area.

  3. Glad to hear it George. You are very welcome to contact us with any of your literature at our e-mail address. contact@waverleyweb.com
    Look forward to hearing from you. Still waiting to hear from the Tories… still we live in hope, probably so confident they don’t need us?

  4. Good luck to Paul Follows, he is the only councillor who cares about the community.
    Everyone has had enough of the Tories broken promises.

  5. If ever there was a time to make a local vote count – now is it. Now we have a real opportunity to get the Tories out of our Borough – they have ignored us for so long. Councillors have followed their misguided local party leadership blindly without question, without conscience and consistently to the detriment of residents. Their Green Belt pledge of 2015 typifies their deceit and untrustworthiness. Their shuffling of candidates to ‘safe” seats’ just adds to the feeling we are being played. This has to stop…. and now, for the first time, we have a well organised opposition – of many colours, but with one vision. Let’s not waste our votes.

    1. In the coming days we shall reveal their deceit, duplicity, and just how the Tories are shuffling their candidates like a pack of cards, with very few aces up their sleeves.
      Bringing back discredited former Tory councillors like Adam Taylor-Smith, whose rotten legacy from his last stint at Waverley has caused many of its woes isan act of desparation.
      Despite numerous attempts to bag a seat in his efforts to climb up the greasy Westminster pole he has failed miserably. So is now attempting to head back to his old hunting ground to do even more damage to our borough, whist trousering even more financial gain?

      Councillor Stewart Stennett and AT-S will make excellent bedfellows.

  6. Hear, hear – and this is a Godalming councillor who has been criticised by a Tory wannabe for daring to post a comment on the Cranleigh Community Group Board.

    Angela Richardson has a great deal to learn if she hopes to represent the residents of Cranleigh. She will soon discover that if she succeeds in bagging a seat at Waverley’s table she is there to serve everyone in the people in the borough. She will have to learn about, and vote on, the issues that concern the people of Godalming, Farnham and all the villages around. She cannot hope to succeed with such a parochial view of Waverley if she believes she can admonish Cllr Follows for caring about matters concerning Cranleigh.

    Pity there aren’t more like Cllr Follows, a man who has gained respect for his diligence in caring about the community of Waverley and not just his own patch.

    The residents of Waverley have had enough of this, and similar examples, of Tory arrogance.

  7. I am standing for Labour,but more than that, I am standing for my children and grandchildrens future,they need a change of direction away from this dire conservative regime.

  8. Hi Jerry and Lib/Lab WW chums

    Just a quick “Hello” to say that after the past 4 years concentrating on my business and family I really hope you will be seeing much more of me again soon. I look forward to more actively supporting the talented Julia Potts and the excellent team of Councillors running Waverley so well. The finances are in good shape and the Council continues to prioritise vital services.


    Adam Taylor-Smith

    1. Let’s be honest former Cllr Taylor-Smith. You were always concentrating on your business interests when you were a former Waverley borough councillor, and we have no doubt if the people of Milford vote you in, you will continue do much the same. After all, why change the habits of a lifetime. We all know you have failed to climb the TT’s greasy pole, and failed to be selected as an MP.

      Your arrogance is legendary, as is your Leader Julia Potts.
      When you say you look forward to supporting her an her excellent team of councillors!?! You must have missed something whilst attending to your business interests and your family.
      The finances are not in good shape – year on year increases in council tax, year on year increases in fees and charges, community and voluntary organisations struggling, some have disappeared altogether. A Local Plan that is being challenged shortly in the Courts… again… and millions lost in Community Infrastrcture Revenue due to past failed Local Plans. So dream on if you think your Lib-Dem and Independent Cllrs will welcome you back.

      However, if you do dupe Milford residents into voting for you – we will be watching every move you make.

  9. I’m sure that the residents of Milford would be unhappy with the idea you are proposing-that they are uninformed and incapable of making their own sensible electoral decisions. I have contributed 12 years of public service as I care about our area. I would be impressed if one of you managed to keep a seat that long.

    1. Oh it’s a Conservative on waverley web! Now isn’t this fun. You were before my time though! Do you live in Milford then?

      Milford have been given some good options this year from the opposition parties and the area has been royally stuffed by your party in a number of ways – when they just weren’t totally ignoring residents, the parish, neighbouring residents, neighbouring councillors. I could go on.

      Am I right in saying you even have UKIP on your right flank to deal with in Milford this time?

      Brings some light to some of your comments now on my Fb, I will make a note , you being a candidate and old hand means that rather than just throwing stones you might suggest something productive – some actual policy even at all perhaps?

    2. We live in hopes that the residents of Milford will not do as we think and follow a well trodden true-blue path, and do as we urge them to do.

      But we ask, how much do the people of Milford actually know about you – and your business dealings? Perhaps we sould tell them how much you contributed during your 12 years of public service and how much you care about your own interests. There are many who have sat upon their Tory seats, at Wsverley Towers for far too long. Twenty years in some cases. The Lib Dem councillor for Godalming has done more to inform the public of the whole borough one over a year than others have achievd in 20.

      You are back in the fold to ensure the numbers stack up Mr T – Smith in a bid to keep control!

      However, at last a Coservative has rocked up on our site. We look forard to four more years of colourful exchanges.

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