The great private nursing home debate goes on and on – ad nauseam.


Here at the Waverley Web, we have been covering, from afar, a saga over there in the East of the borough over a replacement cottage hospital that has morphed into a Private Nursing Home. Villagers are becoming increasingly upset because they can’t get answers to their quite legitimate questions. What exactly is the money they raised being used for? We believe it was around £1m. Why did the parish council agree to its land being used for a private venture? Why did it permit access to residential development of 28 flats for health workers from anywhere? The rumble in the Cranleigh jungle is growing… watch this space!

Is the parish council, which supported the scheme just a week ago having second thoughts? Because tonight it has an item on its Agenda where it will consider, behind closed doors,  taking legal advice which it says is – in the public interest.

Isn’t it time Cranleigh people received answers to their questions. Isn’t it time Cranleigh Parish Council called a public meeting? 


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I’ve got to say that I’m humbled by peoples interest in my background and where I come from, you only had to ask.!!!!!! The other question I got asked was why I am so interested in Cranleigh Village Hospital?
Well, I have lived in and around Cranleigh all my life, we were brought up in council housing and my parents were very hard workers, and doing so whilst bringing up 6 children. I can never remember my dad or mum ever being out of work.
Cranleigh was a close-knit community back then with a village hospital, loads of independent shops and everyone seemed to get along pretty well.
As the years went by and more and more houses were being built there was a great need for a village hospital, and our family often ended up there to have wounds dealt with or to see an out of hours doctor.
To cut a very long story short, my mum used to do voluntary work at the hospital with many others as she wanted to give something back to the community. My mum also helped run the Friday club for mentally handicapped adults which as a family used to help out with.
My mum sadly passed away earlier this year and it got me thinking about how people like my mum who cared for other people so much would have loved to have that same community spirit back again.
I am not doing this to get my name out there or to get thanks but simply to try and get our Village hospital back for those people that worked so hard to keep it going.
I hope that you now know why I feel so passionate about losing everything that Cranleigh used to offer.

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  1. WW – Thank you for bringing this to the attention of so many and Andy Flash Webb – Well said – I so admire you for speaking so passionately about this – I wish more people did the same- I hope that you get answers to your questions- You and your family deserve it..

    I am usually more Gobby on this site – But I have an 8 week old Puppy at home today so I am slightly Knackered and will take a couple of days to get back up to speed – But will do anything I can to Support Cranleigh on this.
    all the Best

  2. Thank you WW and Denise for your kind words. This website has been brought to my attention recently because of the rubbish we are being fed about the Hospital and “Private” Care Home. I will carry on fighting to get our hospital back to what it once was as so much was given by so many for so few to take it all away.
    People of Cranleigh deserve an answer from the trust and other relevant parties regarding this issue. I am calling for a public meeting in the new year for all those involved to give us some answers.

  3. Thank you for commenting. Our inbox is simply graoning under the weight of messages from the people of Cranleigh, and the villages around who contributed huge sums to provide this private nursing home with 20 “community beds.” However, they are not quite sure whose “community” they are being provided for? We have heard from relatives of one family who donated their home!!

    Did they intend to scrape Surrey County Council out of a hole, after it decided to close down all its nursing homes in Waverley? Cobgates here in Farnham and Longfields in Cranligh totalling well over 130 beds.

    Replacing them with 20 appears to us to be a bit of a cop out – but then the Charity appears to be achieving a hard-sell, together with a developer who wants to build flats.
    Perhaps if, the county council and the hospital do sign up for it, it could achieve in part what it says on the tin? If they pull out – no doubt it will revent back into – yes – you guessed th private nursing home. Oh dear! Has Cranleigh Parish Council and its residents been duped?

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