Hodge the Bodge CBE off to enjoy more time with his golf clubs/family/garden…?

Former Tory Council Leader David Hodge has decided to follow the example set by former Prime Minister David Cameron to leave his Local Government post  –  and let his successors clear up the trail of mess he leaves behind?

The Conservative Councillor for Warlingham has now offered the county council his resignation forcing a By-Election in his Surrey constituency seat. Still, what’s a few more thousand pounds of our money going down the pan to find yet another Tory to replace him?

What is it about these Tory politicians that when they are no longer head honcho that they simply cannot bear to continue working for the voting fodder who elected them? Here at the Waverley Web, we suppose it’s not much fun dealing with the everyday concerns of Warlingham folk when you have spent seven years playing your very own game of  SODOPOLY with taxpayers’ money.  


Councillor Hodge was the subject of national controversy in 2017, shortly after being awarded his gong when he proposed a referendum to increase Surrey’s council tax by 15%, to deal with its burgeoning financial problems.

He claimed he had done a deal with the then Communities Secretary Sajid Javid over future funding. Perhaps, he just couldn’t stand the thought of continuing his county role when SJ becomes the next Prime Minister?


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