Surrey’s Fly Tipping Horror

Here’s what County Hall could look like in the future?

Just as residents reel from Surrey County Council’s shock announcement that it wants to close Recycling Centres around the county including  Cranleigh & Farnham – here’s a clip on what reduced recycling already looks like in the county:

The Council is “consulting” on permanently closing between four and six CRC’s.  Farnham is on the list – so is Cranleigh; Bagshot; Dorking; Lyne (Chertsey) and Warlingham. 

Residents in Farnham are foaming at the mouth saying they will be forced to travel to Witley or over the border into Hampshire. Cranleigh people are already travelling into Horsham across the West Sussex County boundary as their site is only open at weekends and is causing traffic chaos in Elmbridge Road.


Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 20.43.40.png

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Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 20.43.06.png

Cranleigh people are arguing their County Councillors to step up to the Mark. By the way, has anyone seen their Little Povey?mylittlepovey2 



Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 20.38.38.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 20.38.19.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-31 at 20.38.47.png


9 thoughts on “Surrey’s Fly Tipping Horror”

  1. NB Guildford Recycling Centre is closed to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday. I wasted a journey from Cranleigh only to find it closed midweek!

  2. Why do councils cut services that benefit the punitively taxed residents and their localities rather than their administrative fat that comes up with such stupid ideas? Have the Councillors ceased to represent the Surrey electorate?

  3. What is the reasoning behind closing these facilities? It is bad enough that our Waste and Recycling is only collected alternate weeks – What are we paying our hefty Council taxes for? (Apart from large Pensions of course)

    I went to the CRC the other day as I had some large Cardboard boxes that wouldn’t have fitted into the Bin and the skip for cardboard was so full that I had to throw them several feet up to get them on top of the pile. I simply do not understand the logic of asking residents to DRIVE to other RC’s (several miles in our case) – I thought we were supposed to be reducing our reliance on the car and our carbon footprint.

    Somebody Join up the dots….. Stop cutting these vital services

  4. In addition to filling the big black hole in its pension pot Surrey County Council is investing ove £50m of our money in a new retail development in Farnham! 28 new shops, perhaps someone should read the runes for them?

  5. I don’t think they know how to look into the Future…. You wouldn’t catch me schlepping over to Farnham to shop, I can just about manage Cranleigh. I am afraid I have changed the way I shop. Household & groceries I have delivered weekly (the delivery cost is far less than my hourly rate) and most other things I buy on-line – As for going to the cinema… I have Netflix and DVDs but maybe I am just a Philistine

    1. No you’re not – many of us feel the same way. Unfortunate, though, because the late chairman of the Cranleigh Parish Council was pushing for all this development to INCREASE the footfall in Cranleigh’s shops. We shall see.

  6. If the former Chairman of Cranleigh Parish Council was pushing for more footfall – why then are Cranleigh shops closing down. We have heard from followers who say they are being forced into Godalming, Guildford and Horsham to shop as their banks have closed. Perhaps someone could tell us, does the former chairman still live there? What does he have to say? Our shops are closing down here in Farnham too.

  7. The former Chairman has passed on to the next world but he espoused his views on South Today on TV.

  8. Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell us of the late former Chairman’s views. Or perhaps we can do a little research. Look foward to hearing from you Craneigh man? If you wish to contact us privately you may on

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