Follow the money?

One way or another, I’m gonna getcha? 


It began so well. On the second day of the High Court Hearing into CPRE / POW’s challenge to the Secretary of State, Waverley Borough Council and the Dunsfold Developer, Julia Potts went from fabulous to fishnets.

Of course, there were fewer bums on seats in the public gallery – having turned out to cheer on team POW on day one, POW’s supporters didn’t bother turning up. Why would they? They’ve never been interested in listening to anyone’s arguments but their own.

Despite eloquent counter arguments from Wayne Beglan, on behalf of Waverley BC, David Elvin, for the Dunsfold Developer, and the Secretary of State’s barrister, the Judge appeared sympathetic to poor little David’s fight against Goliath. Yes, things appeared to be going swimmingly for Capt’n Bob and Co. 

Here the WW want to make something clear. We have never opposed residents’ right to challenge. In fact, we have applauded that right. However,  we believe in honesty. This protest group was set up for one purpose and one purpose only – to Dump Development at Dunsfold. Nothing else. If POW cannot tell the truth – others will tell it for you. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of OUR money, has been spent by 11 parish councils,  some even from across the Surrey/Sussex border.

Did anyone ask YOU?

Which takes us back to yesterday’s hearing when the Judge turned her attention to the Aarhus Convention (The public’s right to justice which limits costs to just £10,000). POW’s barrister only just stopped short of pulling out his violin as he painted a picture of brave little David’s hand-to-mouth existence, passing round the begging-bowl every time they needed to mount yet another challenge against the Big Bad Developer and Wolfish Waverley, neither of whom gave a fig for local residents, both of whom were only interested in concreting over a big brownfield site to the detriment of all those living nearby.

Smiling graciously, The High Court Judge looked sincere and almost reached for her handkerchief. 

Capt’n Bob Lies and Boy Britten’s fizzogs were wearing huge smiles clearly believing they were home and dry on the costs front whilst, in the public gallery,  La Potts and Ged Hall gnashed their teeth.

And then a miracle happened. The Dunsfold Developer’s junior brief leapt up and with a few well-placed words turned the tide.  Mr Turney said POW was a single-interest group that, despite pleading poverty, had been successfully raising huge sums of money in order to fight/stop any development at Dunsfold Park at every turn. He strongly suspected POW was a front for a few “high net worth individuals” who had promised to cough-up whatever it took to stop the Dunsfold development in its tracks while underwriting the whole shebang. Mr Turney’s prose was far more elegant than ours and issued in a mellifluous tone that, whilst soothing, held just the right degree of indignation to get the Judge’s attention.

The Judge said she couldn’t help but agree with Mr Turney’s assertion – backed up by Mr Beglan on behalf of his client – that there was a lack of transparency on POW’s part about where their financial resources were coming from? Looked suitably pained, PoW’s barrister said the Judge couldn’t be suggesting that poor little David was trying to hide anything? POW simply lurched from one fundraising event to the next, raising dribs and drabs, against all the odds, as the need arose.

M T. was having none of it saying POW had raised vast sums in order to mount a challenge at the Public Inquiry. It was then the Judge’s sympathy began to wane and Capt’n Bob’s smile evaporated like Scotch mist when she said she was leaning towards proposing full disclosure from POW in relation to their funding sources. PoW co-ordinators Chris Britton and Alan Ground looked fit for the ground to swallow them. 

PoW’s Rumpole appealed again, surely not, the Judge couldn’t really mean it! But Mr Turney had shone a light on POW’s dirty little secret, revealing not the slightly dented, second-hand petty cash tin they claimed to keep their sparse funds in but a dirty great safety deposit box full of filthy lucre!

Apparently, they weren’t counting Doris’s pennies; why would they when, as Mr Turney disclosed, a small group of wealthy well-wishers were writing gold-plated cheques to the tune of £15,000 – £20,000 a pop with a flourish of their Mont Blancs!

 Whose to say same wealthy donors hadn’t egged POW on, agreeing to underwrite all their costs, whilst, at the same time, urging them to try to gain protection from Aahrus thus ensuring that the Waverley Tax Payer ended up footing the bill for POW’s largesse?

Mr Turney didn’t allude to it but the mutter in the Waverley gutter, which has been gaining momentum in recent weeks, reveals at least one devious developer is bank-rolling POW in order to stop development at Dunsfold Park to give his own sites, elsewhere in the Borough, a better chance of succeeding. A strategy right up POW’s lane as they don’t care what’s developed elsewhere in the Borough as long as it’s not on their doorstep!

And isn’t that’s exactly what happened in the case of Mr & Mrs House over at Milford? Their challenge, which was thrown out at the first hurdle, was funded by a developer eager to build in Godalming!

Against a background of excited chatter from the public gallery and red faces in POW’s camp, the Judge instructed the POW’s Rumpole that his clients had seven days in which to provide a full witness statement in relation to their funding arrangements/donations going back to the publication of Inspector Bore’s report. 

In the meantime, our advice to Dear Doris. Save your pennies for POW has no need of them. You and any other unsuspecting pensioner who’s donated precious funds they can ill afford have been deceived.

POW’s is a front for some serious High Rollers who don’t want development on their doorsteps but on someone else’s and are hellbent on ensuring it goes anywhere but Dunsfold and at taxpayer’s expense!  

In the meantime, we at the Waverley Web look forward to seeing how the Sorry Advertiser –  report The Great Dunsfold Dust Off.  Whose own High Roller boss lives on the boundary of Dunsfold Aerodrome  A “high worth’ individual who just happens to live so near he could spit at the airfield from his £8m and reducing, country pile.

Alfold Parish Council couldn’t possibly be acting as Banker – could it? No, not really, never?

We’re in the (unexplained) money!!

2 thoughts on “Follow the money?”

  1. The “three pillars” of the Aarhus Convention are access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters. It is difficult to see how the costs of objecting to a lawful development should be limited, unless the development is unlawful. If Lawful the Government and Waverley taxpayers should seek costs.

    “The European Commission adopted a Notice on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters on the 28 of April 2017. The notice is based on decisions of the Court of Justice on how national courts should address questions of access to justice related to EU environmental legislation. The scope is limited to access to justice in relation to decisions, acts and omissions by public authorities of the Member States. It does not address environmental litigation between private parties. Nor does it concern the judicial review of acts of the EU institutions.”

  2. So now Waveywebs waxing lyracle about Ms Potts going from fabulous to fishnets,, we wimmin know the effect fishnet stockings have on some men,, and Wavey seems to be one of them .. bare that in mind girls!!! 😉

    But personly what turns me on (and most ladys i would say] is the idea of these High Rollers … nothing attracts me to a man like the size of his Wollit … so into me little car i jumped and drove over to Dunsfold to see if i could find me a High Net Worth Individule (=sugar daddy) or two,, but they were nowhere to be found,,, not on the common or in the village shop anyway, maybe it was due to the rainy weather and theyve all flown off to Monaco in they’re privet jets to do there High Rolling in a warmer climb.

    so into the pub i sashayd like, and a nice man looked me up and down and bought me a gin&tonic … but i saw his Wollet was quite small so no real interest for me but ive never bin known to turn down a free drinkie … anyways i sat down and decided to pump him for info,,, so i smiled inveitingly at him and my skirt rode up a bit by axident of corse … he told me that POW had a quiz their, right in the pub .. its called the Sun … and they got loads of local people singed up for it,,, he sed 15 tables of 6 … which i make 90 poeple alltogether , a lot to get in a little pub,,, and they all payed 10pounds each including food and that was to raise money for POW,, so it seems a lot of money, well 900 puonds, not a lot for a working girl like me (just an All Nighter in a London hotel) but most poeple would say it was lots … and then there was a raffle two … so more money for POW.. it seems to be coming in slowly from a lot of Low Rollers actsully and not a few sugar daddys at all. and he brought me another g&t,

    Then i arst him where do all the High Rollers live then??? a round Dunsfold? and he larfed and sed if your looking for rich guys Hascomm is the place for you, more million airs there than Dunsfold even though they have a 30mph speed limit in Hascomb but no village shop or post office worst luck … theirs a nice Pub called the White Horse tho … so, he had a copy of the Surrye Ad with him and showed me the proparty pages … few! there must be loades of High Net Worth Individules in the genral area ,, them houses were really posh and expensif .. but may be there owners are all in dett with big morgergies … and he sed that 11 parishes had got together to try and stop the Dunsfold airadrome scheeme coz of all the trafick it would bring on the A281 which as we all know is jammed solid evrey day all reddy,, at rush hours any wey.

    i havnt done the sums but if there are 11 perishes all raising money for POW like that then thats were its all coming from,,, not from Sugar Daddys and High Rollers and Proparty Develappers and Million Airs but from ordanry fokes like you and me. Well … ordainry fokes like you.

    after an other drinkie i thougt why am i waisting my time in this onehorse village … so,s to speak, tho theres a big horse place down the road at Park Farm he sed … so i gave him my bizness card ::: Stacy Strumpette ::: your wish is my command ::: satifaction garantied ::: with my mobile number on it in case he was feeling up to it but he shook his head and sed no darling my wife would notta prove!! so no bizness there today. but he put it away in his Wollit any how.

    to cut a very long story short it looks like Wavey has it wrong,, and its not a few High Rollers in Dunsfold who are fienansing POW but a lot of ordinry working poeple.

    And that reminds me of an old joke … this servant girl sees her mistress going out in a mink coat and dimonds (this was a long time ago)and says please mam how did you get those? and she ansers, i found a man with £10,000 to spend on me and cherish my boddy … well after a few weeks the servant girl appears all done up in a mink coat and dimonds!!! and her mistress says my goodness Susan did you find a rich man with £10,000??? no mam she says but i thougt about it a bit and i did mannidge to find 100 men with £100 each to spend on me and cherish my boddy! 😀 😀 😀

    so the morrel of this story (wich you may think immorrel) is that POW can get its money from a lot of poor people or a few rich guys (my method) or a mixtuer of the too. Plus the All Fold money laurndering scam may be?!?!?! as Tesco says Evrey Little Helps!!! particuly when as Wavey says your David figthing Golaith!

    Luv, Stacy xxx
    “Your satifaction garantied”

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