Is Guildford Conservative​ Association the latest breeding ground for developers?


It’s no secret that Conservative Waverley Borough Councillors the Cranleigh’s Stennett duo was the first to leap onto the developers’ bandwagon trousering a few bob for their contribution toward helping to solve the borough’s housing problems – and in the green belt too!

Despite planning officers strongly recommending refusal – Councillors Stennett’s colleagues leapt at the opportunity to breach the green belt in Guildford Road, Cranleigh and grant consent. 

One agreed – more to go?

 Then along comes former Conservative Surrey Councillor Alan Young snaffling up a property in Mapledrakes Road, Ewhurst, which he’s presently sitting on, keeping nicely warm and hoping to hatch another shedload of housing soon now that the trees have been felled? Oops did we forget, the property was purchased from a Ewhurst parish councillor, who threatened to sue the Waverley Web, after “a friend” informed us that it had been owned by the PC’s late father not him personally !!

More to come?

Thankfully Cllr Young was found out in more ways than one by the Conservative Association, and the Tories dumped him for Andrew Povey. (Well! the less said about him the better.) Both are currently a complete embarrassment to Ewhurst/Cranleigh and the latter is now chairman of the Cranleigh Conservative Association.

Now the former Guildford Cons Treasurer, John Beckwith-Smith Councillor Young’s business partner, has pitched in with his scheme to build 53 homes at Windacres Farm, in Cox Green, which is on the Surrey/ Sussex border but within the Waverley borough. On the West side of Cox Green Planning Application: WA/2018/1109 

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 19.41.29

As you will see Surrey County Council is perfectly happy to trouser £160,206 for early years schooling and £35,672 for Primary Schooling – ALL IN “POOR OLD CRANLEIGH!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 19.51.17.png

However, it is slightly more circumspect about Secondary Education saying – there is plenty of Capacity at Glebelands.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 19.52.06.png

So more coming soon?

Just across the other side of Cox Green another Conservative Councillor – one Horsham Councillor John Bailey or (JCB) as he is known locally wants to build a further 57 on his farmland.

Ewhurst PC meeting has discussed the scheme and agreed to object, but its Waverley councillor (Con) Val Henry has already pinned her colours to JBC’s coat-tails saying she will support the application! No surprise there then!!

A difficult and potentially very unfair situation has now arisen in nearby Rudgwick. In the normal course of events, as Horsham District Council is the authority that determines planning applications you would expect that (JCB) the Cllr for Rudgwick Ward would be actively engaged in lobbying to help his constituents – 57 letters of objection have already been racked up but sadly  not possible as the applicant is its very own Horsham (JCB) district councillor!!

Instead it would appear although Conservative Cllr John Bailey claims quite correctly in his planning application for houses at Cox Green that his land there has not been farmed, except for haymaking (and the steam show),  that he has begun ploughing the land with a view to becoming the smallest arable farmer in England and to keep a few cattle for the first time in memory (years ago the Bailey business was local milk delivery). Might this have something to do with justifying his large barn?

So, in other words, Rudgwick & Cox Green have effectively, no representation on HDC or WBC to speak on their behalf.

And … there could be more homes in just one of the two developments than there are now in the whole of Cox Green (both in Sussex and Surrey).


2 thoughts on “Is Guildford Conservative​ Association the latest breeding ground for developers?

  1. Some confusion here. On first reading it sounds as though the whole article is about Guildford Borough, which of course it isn’t.
    Regarding the two Cox Green developments which ARE in Waverley, not in Rudgwick/West Sussex, I can agree that many Rudgwick residents are against these developments, including the Parish Council and the Preservation Society, but we do not wish to be associated with slagging off either Mr Beckwith-Smith or Cllr Bailey in a public forum, whatever we may think of them privately. Yes, we are under represented in HDC ( and you fail to note that the access to Cllr Bailey’s site is in Horsham DC so there are two applications for outline permission, in different council areas), but Waverley Cllr Kevin Deanus (Alfold and Ellens Green) is an excellent local councillor for the land in these two sites. We wish him well in representing the views of Rudgwick which he has heard at first hand.
    With respect to Cllr Henry, she faces two ways: it is John Beckwith-Smith’s site she supported at Ewhurst and Ellens Green parish council meeting on 1st August, against all the odds of a near unanimous objection from councillors, not Windacres Farm, as you report. Last week at a further E&EG PC meeting, she surprised all present by disapproving of this one. Make your mind up! At least E&EG were unanimous this time. it should also be stated here that Waverley declared both sites “unacceptable” in May 2018, and that we understand E&EG Neighbourhood Plan is progressing nicely towards declaring its sites on which the public can vote. No wonder landowners wish to get in under the wire with their outline plans, which could dwarf Cox Green and swamp Rudgwick.

    • WW apologise for any confusion. The reference to Guildford Conservative Association was purely as a reminder to the public that all these developers are (a) Conservatives and have held office in the Guildford Conservative Association which covers Cranleigh/Ewhurst/Ellens Green and Cox Green In the Case of Councillor Bailey – as a Conservative Horsham District Councillor.

      It is a rather confusing planning issue – two sites, practically opposite each other in the small hamlet of Cox Green which is not actually known to us here.

      Are you saying that because both sites were unacceptable to Waverley in May 2018 that you are confident they will remain so now? If the Dunsfold Aerodrome application is refused when it gets to the Judicial Review in the High Court early next month and 2,600 homes are removed from WBC’s Local Plan – may be, even Councillor Kevin Deanus, who has vigorously opposed Dunsfold – may not be quite so confident that these two sites will be kicked into touch. Look at the recent Appeal decision on Brockhurst Farm, Alfold – APPROVED!
      Again we apologise for the confusion over Windaces, which arises due to no actual address for the Beckwith-Smith application. We are gradually becoming conversant with these two very controversial sites that straddle across two borough boundaries. WW

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