Another shedload of homes on their way to the countryside in Alfold – adjacent to Dunsfold Airfield.


A Government Inspector has just granted an appeal for a development of 23 homes, nine of which will be “affordable” at  Brockhurst Farm.

The site is adjacent to the Dunsfold Road (the approach road to Dunsfold Park)  on one side and the A281 at  Alfold Crossways on the other. The access will be from Dunsfold Road.

The development granted following an appeal hearing during the Summer is on a field of around 4.4 hectares subdivided by a conifer hedge between Dunsfold Road and the A281 Horsham to Guildford Road. Described by the inspector as being ‘unremarkable’ and due to its close proximity to the A281 was hardly “remote or tranquil.”

The Inspector refused another considerably larger appeal on the same land which is outside the settlement of Alfold saying it would harm the rural character of the area and the amenities of the nearby Brockhurst Cottages and nearby the residential properties of Spinners and Yeomans Cottage.

But he approved the second smaller scheme believing it would do less harm and was in line with the Government’s housing requirements as it would provide nine much needed ‘affordable homes’ in the vicinity. He also argued that insufficient site had been identified in Part 2 of Waverley’s Local Plan adding that Alfold’s Neighbourhood Plan had – “barely got off the starting blocks.”

His remarks that Alfold had no designated landscapes and therefore was not “a valued landscape,” will undoubtedly go down like a lead balloon with the residents of Alfold, a village it is no doubt already wishing that its county border of West Sussex, on which its sits, could be rearranged so it drops  into Sussex!

There are presently 55 homes under construction at Sweeters Copse in Alfold’s Loxwood Road and planning permission was granted recently for a similar size development on the Wyevale Garden Centre a short distance away at the Alfold Crossways. It is believed the developer is now seeking a larger scheme?

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 23.22.13.pngLocal campaigners including the Protect Our Waverley Group  (POW) and the Campaign For the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) have been given leave for a Judicial Review into both Waverley’s local Plan and The Dunsfold Park Scheme for a new village of  1,800 homes on the airfield site. This will be heard in the High Court on 9 -10th October.

The full transcript of the Inspector’s decision can be found hereAppeal Decision OT200-007-860 (1) (1)


3 thoughts on “Another shedload of homes on their way to the countryside in Alfold – adjacent to Dunsfold Airfield.”

  1. We knew after the first & second submission – they were going to win and they have.

    The “affordable” homes as we know will not be affordable for any young people living in the village but affordable to new peeps living and working in Guildford/Horsham/London.
    What can you say? “we are where we are”…..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    The only good thing is at least it is smaller than original Plans – and they are not using some of the best Agricultural land to concrete over – YET!! But I have no doubt we will see another application in the not too distant future that will add on to this development. Hope they sort out the sewage and water issues… and they will have great new Neighbours at DP.

    It will cause chaos on Dunsfold Road – But at least we get a bit of Pavement (ha ha…… DP / SCC) saves SCC a bit of money.

    Another Accident at the Crossways on Sunday – thankfully no-one hurt – But we know what a rubbish Junction that is and add another 23 – 40 odd cars a day – No Probs.

    They are not the worst developers – But would have been nice to see something that offered a little bit more for the Village. Open space will be great for when I get my New Pups and can just walk down the road. But there is nothing in this for the Village apart from some S106 Contributions Money is Good but it isn’t everything.
    Another depressing Monday!

  2. We couldn’t agree more. Where will the children from this development go to school? Presumably, they will expect to go to a new school at Dunsfold Park if it ever goes ahead?

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