Dear Mr Munro…

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Farnham has now been the latest target of ram raiders – as they have been operating all over Surrey in recent weeks, bagging squillions from the few remaining cash machines!

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Here’s an open letter from one Farnham resident… to PCC David Munro who sums up how most of us feel, 

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.19.24.pngJust in case you don’t know who Mr Munro is. He is former Waverley Borough Councillor who climbed up the Tory greasy pole to Surrey County Council and then further up the money tree or do we mean the Monkey Tree to become Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner. He prides himself on his work to promote Pride Marches!

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Just a few days ago we received this little missive from a Cranleigh resident.Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.17.00.png


2 thoughts on “Dear Mr Munro…”

  1. I just love the post from the Cranleigh resident above – Please do share the links – where do you buy these flags??? as I know how you feel.

    I know as I am sure most locals do it is not the Police on the ground but the lack of resources given to them to attend what is considered Petty Crime (ie burglary) if you have ever been burgled – I can assure you it doesn’t feel petty when someone has been riffling through your undies etc – It is a violation of what we consider our private space – Our Home – Something is going horribly wrong with our society when we think this is OK or acceptable.

  2. Crime is most definitely increasing, and the police are doing zilch about it. Petty crime, in particular, is greeted with a blank expression by police officers, even burglary is now unimportant. But perhaps someone can explain why if you do 34mph in a 30 mph zone you are fined?

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