‘Moanalot Munro gets​ mouthy after losing Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner job.

hustingsIt’s not unusual for Tory Tossers to sling their toys out of their prams when they don’t get their own way – but surely David Munro’s behaviour following his de-selection as Surrey’s Police & Crime Commissioner was a bit OTT? Even for him. Guess losing the plumply salaried job was a bit of a blow for the serial glory-seeking politician who is photographed more often than Meghan Markle. But,  to be pushed aside by a woman and Alfold’s Bobby – no longer on the beat. WOW!

Charlotte Alice Chorico – a qualified Criminal Solicitor beat Alfold’s  Waverley Borough Councillor Kevin Deanus to take the top nomination, by just a narrow margin – 20 votes.

Was DM about to take defeat gracefully? Not bloody likely – with a face like a slapped arse it was obvious to everyone involved he wanted to stamp his DM’s all over both of them. He believed having shoved up the council tax to employ 100 more officers for the county – saying – “I want to win again like I did in 2016” his future job was in the bag?

The arrogant Mr Munro asked the lady in waiting:


“Why if the incumbent is doing such a good job, can you justify standing against him. When she replied:

Said Charlotte Alice Chorico: “It’s called democracy.”


At which point she was selected and DM threw down his rattle and his jellycat and stomped off without congratulating his successor.

After one questioner from SW Surrey Conservatives asked  Mr Munro what he would do about the potholes in the lovely area of Waverley? Perhaps someone should tell the dozey Cllr TT Jeanette Stennett – That roads are a county matter and nothing whatsoever to do with the Police.

Another member present said that he found the partisan behaviour displayed by sections of the audience rather distasteful. He claimed that Guildford councillors seemed to be mainly supporting Kevin Deanus while those from SW Surrey remained loyal to David Munro, who in 2016 recaptured the role of PCC for the Conservatives from an Independent. Saying afterwards: “He had won the position back and was hung out to dry.”

Guildford Conservative Association chairman Bob Hughes, who was also at the selection meeting said: “In choosing our Police Commissioner Candidate, Surrey Conservatives had three excellent people to choose from.

“Cllr Kevin Deanus is a leading figure in Guildford Conservatives and I know that many turned out to support him, but Charlie [Chorico] is clearly a rising star who will be an excellent commissioner, and I know that Guildford will support her enthusiastically.

Perhaps not all Captain Bob?

Youth Crime and hate crime is rising in Cranleigh New Town and the Eastern Villages.

PS. Does this now mean the DM will be haunting Farnham’s doorsteps in the May elections? Oh! No – not again – we thought he had given us up years ago?

Dear Mr Munro…

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Farnham has now been the latest target of ram raiders – as they have been operating all over Surrey in recent weeks, bagging squillions from the few remaining cash machines!

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 09.53.51.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 09.53.27.png

Here’s an open letter from one Farnham resident… to PCC David Munro who sums up how most of us feel, 

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.19.24.pngJust in case you don’t know who Mr Munro is. He is former Waverley Borough Councillor who climbed up the Tory greasy pole to Surrey County Council and then further up the money tree or do we mean the Monkey Tree to become Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner. He prides himself on his work to promote Pride Marches!

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Just a few days ago we received this little missive from a Cranleigh resident.Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.17.00.png