Getting into top gear at Dunsfold Airfield.


Briefly, Dunsfold Aerodrome wants to extend the ‘temporary’ use of the airfield for such events as BBC’s Top Gear and the popular driving experience days called Everyman. Planning permission has now been granted.

No doubt because it isn’t getting anywhere fast attempting to build the first phase of the 1,800 homes granted by ‘Your Waverley ‘ let alone the second, third, fourth etc …?

It has secured planning permission from Waverley Planners, the full council, A Government Inspector, and the Secretary of State for Communities for a new community. But that isn’t sufficient for the anti’s because they have now appealed to the High Court for leave to Judicially Review the decisions. Then, of course, there is always, His Holiness The Pope, and of course God?

So no homes are being built, scuppering Waverley’s hopes of achieving some sensible housing figures.

But in the meantime – for a further three-year period we can all enjoy motoring events.

Well, that is until the Anti’s start objecting to the noise?

Funny that there isn’t an objection from Protect Our Waverley? Oops, we forgot! They objected to the loss of the aviation events because they are so popular with the locals! The very same locals who have been objecting to Top Gear since the day it arrived there, so we understand!


Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.55.01.png
Of course, this objector sits on the A281 Horsham to Guildford Road and identifies that every “filthy truck” comes from Dunsfold Aerodrome. And the “cheap warehousing” isn’t delivering to her Bramley home!

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Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.56.05.pngScreen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.05.40.png


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9 thoughts on “Getting into top gear at Dunsfold Airfield.”

  1. And your Point is??????
    Most people here locally Like the track events and aviation at DP – Yes they can cause some extra Traffic for a few days – But nothing to compare to what 2600 New Homes and potentially 5000 New cars will do to the area 365 days per year. I enjoy watching the acrobatics from the garden and have no personal issue with the sound of cars or Aircraft at the site.

    I have noticed a distinct move with YOU – if you wish to alienate all of us here in the East keep saying we are all petty minded Nimbys and that we don’t care about anywhere else in the borough.

  2. Darling Girl

    Re WW above……………….

    If anybody needs a DIRECT LINE TO GOD then Colin Newman is your man !!

    love xx


  3. Ask Alfold and Dunsfold Parish Councils whether they have consistently objected to anything, just anything happening at Dunsfold Denise? We have absolutely no wish to alienate everyone in the East. In fact, the opposite is true. We even traveled over there this week to witness the HGV’s and lorry traffic. Guess what. We counted 38 HGV’s between Alfold Crossways and Guildford. Where were they going?
    Cranleigh Brick and Tile down a lane, sorry we don’t know the name, but we believe to Cranleigh Brick and Tile. The rest were either going to six development sites in Cranleigh/Ewhurst and the remainder were traveling towards Horsham. One lorry (Cranleigh Freight) went into Dunsfold Park, or at least in that direction.
    We also noticed that the Dunsfold Road right through to Chiddingfold is almost impassable! What a disgrace!!
    We believe the East is becoming the dumping ground for development and we don’t like it any more than you do!

    1. I agree with Denise. There are other traffic surveys that support her statements. Frankly WW I wonder why you were there conducting surveys there other than to point the HGV finger away from Dunsfold Park – why were you there? You can’t have it both ways – either DP is the biggest business estate or it doesn’t create HGV traffic? Which is it? Maybe you can refer to the doctored figures that went on the Waverley website – the ones where the truck movements were over the agreed quota one month and some one reduced the numbers by 250, 150, 100 for the respective gates. Except the fools had already submitted the undoctored figures in the previous year’s submission. I know WBC don’t care a jot about enforcement but does anyone trust what DP says?

  4. Dear WW
    I don’t know what time you were in the area – But I can assure you – living on the A281 there are a lot more than that number.. Most start around 5-5.30am to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic and I know on my Commute to London twice a week – there are still a lot on the roads from 9.00am. Yes there are shedloads going down Wildwood Land and Alfold lane for the Old brick works and a shocking mess they keep making of that small road – despite part of the s106 being they maintained it during the construction works haha!
    We are a dumping ground because we are a small village with a small voice and will remain so. We have NO PROTECTOIN that Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere etc have with your Green Belt SPAs etc… Due to the fact that we are Rural – So we are Stuffed here.
    As I have said before I look forward to next years elections

  5. Sorry! Only the early bird catches the first HGV. The WW really feels for you, just witnessing the HGV’s over a couple of hours was mindbending. Whoever gave permission for Cranleigh rick and Tile to have an HGV every five minutes for the next five years!! Are SCC highways completely mad?
    You may be a small village, but you have a very big heart. Start working NOW in preparation for the next election. But pity the poor souls that have to pick up this present administration’s mess.

    1. Quite!
      SCC don’t give a FF for us so long as they get their money (ie Dunsfold Park’s 5 Million for Guildford roadworks) We will have to live with this mess Not the Planners or even most of WBC – I am sick of them – Albeit there are a few good eggs – But not enough for an omelette!

  6. In response to Pepperpig’s comments. WW was not there conducting a survey, simply travelling along the A281 to sample the delights of the new John Lewis Home store in Horsham. A fantastic shopping experience in a market town that has developed, but managed to keep its character with not a single central town traffic jam in sight.

    1. WW. You are lying. You have been caught again. If you were not surveying how can you make any statement that the HGV traffic was not destined for Dunsfold, or any interpretation of what you saw as a traveller. Your observations were valueless and should be ignored.

      We have the accurate data and your deflection tactics are pathetic.

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