What a Cranleigh man thinks about Waverley’s Consultation on Part 2 of the Local Plan.


Here’s yesterday’s postNo doubt POW – the Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley will have its say on this one?

Here’s a letter sent by a Cranleigh man a few days ago to Waverley’s Chief Executive Tom Horwood. Nothing changes at ‘Your Waverley’s tacky towers!

From: Adrian Clarke
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 8:36 PM
To: Tom Horwood
Cc: Terence Stewart ; Brock Karen ; Middleton Gill ; Holland Niki ; Marks Miki ; Bryant Richard CCS ; Littlewood Diane Cranleigh ; Sue Civic Society ; Kately Michael CCS ; Milton MP Anne ; Julia Potts ; Povey Andrew ; Elizabeth Sims ; Gayle Wootton ; Michelle Morley
Subject: Re: Local Plan Part 2 consultation events

Dear Tom,

This reminds me of the first “Local Plan Consultation” Waverley organised for Cranleigh, back at the time when Waverley Borough Councillors were having secret meetings with developers about opening up Cranleigh for new housing (that was all exposed by the Surrey Advertiser at the time).

Waverley arranged for some sort of mobile van to park outside the south-west side of the leisure centre (where the police cars now get parked). No one I spoke to after the event knew anything about it, even the parish councillors I asked. It only came to light because, when challenged by the Surrey Advertiser, Waverley claimed that was what they had done as a “public consultation” exercise.

So arranging this next “event” in an obscure room in the Arts Centre (instead of in the Village Hall or in the Band Room for example), and not effectively publicising/marketing it, is just another example of the way that the Leadership at Waverley keeps everything in secret.

Whoever looks at http://www.waverley.gov.uk/info/200357/new_local_plan/2069/local_plan_part_2_consultation_events/1 ? Do you really think that hard-pressed villagers would regularly check into that obscure website link? If you stopped and asked 100 villagers in the High Street in Cranleigh if they even knew about that link, in your wildest dreams, do you really think anyone would say “yes”?

And what makes you think that Cranleigh villagers would go to view other “events”? Knowing of course that it is most unlikely that they would ever hear of them anyway?

Shame on you.

Kind regards,



P.S. The Waverley Web exposed the series of secret meetings held between WBC and the Cranleigh developers who are now either building in Cranleigh or are sitting on their consents keeping them warm! And then The Sorry Advertiser followed with an article! The Cranleigh councillors involved in those meetings are still borough councillors! They include  – Patricia Ellis; Stewart Stennett, Jeanette Stennett, and Mary Foryszewski. The late Brian Ellis was also there.

2 thoughts on “What a Cranleigh man thinks about Waverley’s Consultation on Part 2 of the Local Plan.”

  1. It is unsurprising that the constant (let’s be kind) “errors” of the past are repeated by this bunch of dissemblers, while you are looking into this Tom perhaps you could ask for a proper explanation on -shhhhh – the fraud.

  2. The word at Waverley is:
    Don’t mention the Fraud!
    Don’t mention Farnham’s Air Quality Scandal!
    Don’t mention Special Protection Areas!
    Don’t mention secret meetings!
    Don’t mention the complete failure of Waverley’s new planning portal system – designed to ensure you cannot find out anything about proposed development or event what decisions have been made!!
    In fact – don’t mention anything you don’t want the voting fodder to know about!

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