It couldn’t possibly be Dunsfold Park that this man is speaking of… could it?


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Ah! But there are some who don’t want jobs, homes, people or traffic, a school for the autistic, or a school for villagers children in and around DUNSFOLD. Same people who, but will happily support it here in Farnham – or in Godalming, Milford, Guildford, Haslemere, or Woking, Wrecclesham, or anywhere for that matter other than – at a brownfield site in DUNSFOLD! Get it!
Oh! and many of the moaners will probably work there when all those lovely jobs arise!
As for us here at the Waverley Web, we have all had a discussion. A Waitrose would go down well – even a Waitrose at Home – to join the M & S – in Alfold. Perhaps a few other major stores that Waverley Council, together with their partner Surrey County Council – who are investing over £50million over here in retail – could match in the East of the borough? Fairs, fair after all – because their other Farnham partner Crest Nicholson – is building shedloads of homes in Cranleigh  – that nobody appears to have noticed! 

13 thoughts on “It couldn’t possibly be Dunsfold Park that this man is speaking of… could it?”

  1. The largest business / industrial site – and the least connected – so trucks and employees have to travel to get there. 43% from outside of Waverley. Not so green nor sustainable.

    Spin your web.

      1. Imagine this – you buy a Dunsfold Park house for the going rate., say £750,000, with your mortgage that requires a combined income of £130,000 per year. Where in Dunsfold Park will you find jobs that pays you and your wife that sort of money – and that you’d dump your current job for?

  2. The Dunsfold Park Development PR machine continues to roll….
    There will be limited additional work there. A small bit of retail about the size of the Alfold M&S store. The rest will still be the same haulage and other light industry that is already there. It will be a commuter dormitory town without the infrastructure needed for that.

  3. It must be amazing to have so much information – but your crystal ball could be very cloudy. We have already heard from existing businesses operating from DP that they wish to expand, and from new businesses eager to start up.

    1. We? Why would businesses be telling you (a Farnham blogger) that they plan to take on another warehouseman in the future? Unless you are the landlord maybe?

  4. Farnham isn’t in another part of the country and you know what – workers at Dunsfold Airfield come from all over the Waverley Borough, including Godalming, Haslemere and yes, surprise, surprise, Farnham. You would never believe it but some of the existing tenants contact us and tell us that would love to live near their place of work! Perhaps it will come as a bit of a surprise to you, but all over the borough shops/offices and business premises are being converted into residential properties. So perhaps more than the odd warehouseman will be looking for jobs and business premises there in the future.
    We may be Farnham centric, but we have bloggers in every corner of the borough now, but you sound like someone who has a grudge against Dunsfold Park and its owners! We wonder why?

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