Not a fitting turn of phrase from Your Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Communications?

Amazing stuff from Waverley’s former Portfolio holder for communications: Stephan Reynolds.

The Twit – Twitters to his Tory mates.

But of course we here at the Waverley Web believe Councillor Reynolds when he says his Twitter account was hacked – because he is an upstanding member of Waverley Borough Council and his service to the borough and in particular former Leader Bobby Knowless – has been exemplary… hasn’t it? 

Bit silly to use the excuse that he uses the same password for everything though!! And… do you remember when he joined the LABOUR PARTY “by mistake.”

Read our Post here: You can’t-fool me, Comrade…

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Godalming  residents don’t believe him and start posting other screenshots from his twitter:


Now Godalming’s new boy on the Waverley block wades in, with a very sensible comment which incurs the wrath of one of his Tory colleagues who appears to be backing Councillor Reynolds slip of the lip?  Did he say, “You need to keep in touch” Councillor Follows?  – Not a very nice remark to make about a new councillor who, despite being on a short learning curve, appears to have scored a  huge success with the town’s parents by helping them prevent the county council’s numpties from closing Green Oak School!

We here at the Waverley Web believe all its members could benefit from a little extra training. They may even learn to turn off their microphones before insulting the villagers of Ewhurst and Cranleigh!

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 22.47.18.png

Oh dear – now come on guys play nicely!


2 thoughts on “Not a fitting turn of phrase from Your Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Communications?”

  1. You may have missed the “now you see them, now you don’t” comments in the same thread when Town Councillor Anne Gray weighed in supporting David Hunter and told Paul Follows that he had a lot to learn. Bless her, dear Anne ended up sounding arrogant and condescending and a really poor advert for the local Conservatives, which I guess is why her comments and those from Graham Bennewith disappeared. The normally thoughtful and credible Graham ended up just sounding like a sore loser (he was the Conservative party candidate in the by-election Paul Follows won). I will continue to applaud Mr Follows for all his work in holding this shower to account – they have been too long without an opposition.

    1. Sadly we missed the – now you see them now you don’t comments – although are we sad? Tory Town Councillor Ann Gray has a lot to learn herself – because Godalming’s new boy – is learning fast that to win support all you need to do is stand up for the people you are elected to represent. He has already proved that he is unwilling to accept the fodder he is fed by the ruling Conservatives in every corner of the borough and is questioning decisions made and the reasons for them!
      Of course, it must come as a bit of shock – because until its arrival the Tories just rubbished and ridiculed the Farnham Residents’ Group- but watch this space – they may wish they had listened a little more intently in future!

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